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  1. We made the decision a few days ago to postpone our Jade sailing as well. We were scheduled for middle of September. We're replaced it with a nearly identical sailing on the Jade a year out. While it is frustrating to wait another year for this cruise, I really am hopeful that the experience will be much better. When we factored in the significant cost of such a trip against the anxiety and hassles that doing the trip at this time would involve, cancelation seemed to best choice. I don't much fear getting COVID as we are vaccinated but the possibility of a false positive test or other disruptions coupled with the accommodations required by COVID (e.g. masks, potential impacts to shore excursions, etc) would have absolutely impacted on enjoyment level on the trip. Like most others on this forum, I'm disappointed that as much as I would like for this pandemic to be over - it does not appear to be so. Never did I imagine a year and a half ago when I canceled the first of many vacation attempts that we'd still be doing that now. I sure hope I am not typing a similar message next year at this time! For those of you sailing, I wish you happiness and safe travels. Enjoy the trip a bit extra on behalf of people like me who are watching from the sidelines for a bit longer...
  2. I'll be interesting in hearing more about the COVID testing protocols and how NCL responds to various situations. When I booked the cruise two months ago I was pretty optimistic that COVID would be on the wane by the time we sail in middle September. Right now it seems to be ramping up again which increases the risks. So I am eager to learn do they re-test if you get a positive test to help protect against a false positive? As a citizen of the USA do they do the appropriate test for re-entry into the USA? What specifically happens if you fail the test when getting off the boat - do they have a place for you to stay and how long would you have to stay there before you could return home? etc. I had hoped that these scenarios would be so unlikely as not to consider but now they feel a bit more likely (although probably not so much so as to be a reason not to go at this point)
  3. Hello, thanks for your review. Were you traveling from the USA for this trip? If so, did the cruise line provide you the test on the ship required by the CDC to reenter the uSA or did you have to find a place to have that test done on your own?
  4. I think we would all feel better if there was as statement on the NCL website that explains what we can expect. I have gotten different answers to this question from NCL so I am not sure that the agents even understand what we are asking. This question is one that EVERYONE of us from the USA has so I would like to hope that there would be an efficient way to do this on the boat. If not, there will be a lot of unhappy Americans stuck changing their flights home at the last minute because we're going to end up relying on the airport testing which says a 24 hour turn around time. I have no problem paying for the test, I just want to be able to get in a line on the cruise ship on the second the last day and get the test taken.
  5. As a person who frequently travel transatlantic for business, I would say that the key is as mentioned earlier in the thread, close the gap to the the destination time zone before the trip. When leaving the central USA to Europe, I have to adjust 7 hours. I do that by time shifting my sleep pattern 3 or 4 hours on the couple of days prior to the travel day. I book flights overnight (often first class which I think is worth the extra cost on the outbound portion of a vacation so you do not lose precious time on vacation as a walking zombie - less important on the way home). Ideally a flight that leaves so that I can go to bed 3 to 4 hours earlier than my normal USA bedtime and I try to sleep all the way through. No long dinner and no breakfast - just sleep. When I do that I arrive mostly awake and then you power through the first day staying up until the normal bedtime there. If you do that, you will likely have very little jet lag and can fly out the day before (or to be safe two days in case of flight issues) before the boat sails.
  6. Hi friends- I'm wondering if there is any obvious benefit to using a travel agent versus booking directly with NCL for a summer greek cruise. Normally, I use Delta's Skycruises to get a few extra miles for the trip but I am wondering if the extra step if needed to work with a travel agent if something changes is a good idea in this somewhat fluid environment? I am going to book the air flights for the cruise on my own since I will use miles for one of our two tickets and I am planning to spend a few days in Croatia ahead of Athens to use up some hotel vouchers from aborted travel last year so I will have to sort that on my own as well. In theory, a travel agent should have better information and provide higher service than I can on my own but my experience during the COVID cancelations was that it was just another person I had to wait on hold with for a much longer period of time and then again while they contacted NCL on my behalf so not feeling like there was much benefit. What do others think? Also is anybody else out there considering travel ahead of the Greek cruises and if so any insight on whether there will be additional complexities entering Greece via another country (e.g. a flight from Croatia) as opposed to a direct run from JFK to ATH? We are both fully vaccinated which seems to be all that is required right now to enter both Croatia and Greece.
  7. Hi fellow travelers- I've been missing global travel for quite some time and am thinking about doing one of the greek isle cruises on NCL in late August or early September. As a citizen of the USA I am trying to understand how I would get the CDC required COVID test for my flight home at the end of the cruise. I can't seem to get a concrete answer as to whether or not it is possible on the boat to get a COVID test within the 72 hour window of the flight home (right after the cruise) that would satisfy the re-entry requirements to board a flight home to the USA. Has anybody been able to get specific info? I know that you can get tests at the ATH airport but I really don't want to chance not getting the test results back on in time before boarding the flight home. Is there anybody else out here who has booked these trips and sorted this out?
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