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  1. I posted this, then got super busy, sorry for not replying. Yes, I meant Classic, not Blue (the color of the tier), not sure why I didn't type Classic haha. So you hit Zenith on Cruise 1, but it wasn't applied until cruise 2? Looks like from the T&C this probably isn't possible, given the "First Cruise Completion" terminology. Thank you all :)!
  2. So - Bit of "trying to play the system" here, but has anyone had any success in applying a higher tier Captains Club level to a booking, after you already booked a cruise and obtained a higher tier? I booked, and then did power up points to get a total of 2 club points meaning I am now Blue Level. (This is my first Celebrity Cruise) When I booked, I currently can cancel for any reason and receive FCC, which I could just turn around and re-book the cruise. Big hassle, for sure, but I want that scoop of gelato ;). Anyway, I don't really care THAT much, but I am wondering if the 1800 number or my PCC could apply the blue level to my cruise and save me a few bucks in the end. Anyone have any luck or tried to do this? Thanks!
  3. Correct, only one person can upgrade if you want. You can upgrade anytime during the cruise and the cost is just the remaining days. It's $9 a day plus gratuity, if you have the classic drink package included in the always included promotion.
  4. Should have checked her before bothering my Cruise Planner - Mine is missing as well. Must be IT Bug.
  5. I'm sailing on the Equinox Oct 20, from Fort Lauderdale Florida. No UK cruise here. This is in the app too.
  6. For sure! There's plenty to go around, but just seeing how they're putting a drink literally one dollar above the included drinks seems under handed and an attempt to squeeze literally quarters out of someone.
  7. That I am aware of, so ultimately I'll maybe spend $20 more oh no!! Not a big deal at all, but still a bit of a nuisance and mentally not as enjoyable since you are having to pay more in the end.
  8. So all of the cocktails at the Craft Social are $16, over the $15 max, and plenty at the martini bar are over $15. This is my first Celebrity cruise and am curious if these prices are new?
  9. Perhaps this? https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/17/royal-caribbean-wont-accept-mixed-vaccines-being-fully-vaccinated
  10. So the thought that they "don't have a crew" on Joy is weird due to the fact the Joy IS docked in Puerto Rico and the crew WERE getting vaccinated. Now, they could have had a reduced crew, but I also saw a youtube video uploaded by a Pilipino man celebrating their independence day on the Joy and there were lots of crew on board. I think it's due to something else.
  11. No Capacity Restrictions Reads as venues are not limited and any number of people can enter a section of the ship, but does not mean they aren't still restricting number of bookings or the total # of people on the ship. At least that's how I read it.
  12. In a NCL Joy group I am in, a TA said that Norwegian will be sailing at 60% capacity for the first month of each ships sailing. Whether it be July or December, all ships will sail reduced for the first month. This may not even be Covid related and will allow a "training period" for the staff who have been gone for so long. Has anyone else heard or read about this? If it's true, I am excited to be on the first sailing of Joy! No Kids! (Reduced) No Crowds! Thanks!
  13. Lol.... anyone know what happens if you try to upgrade the last day? Can you get away with only paying that $35 and going to try to fancy wines/liqours for a day?
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