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  1. MTcruiser

    Bringing Bloody Mary mix on the ship?

    Should be no problem.
  2. To get a 10% discount at the carnival comfort bed shop website enter "holiday11" in the promotional code box:D
  3. MTcruiser

    Cozumel Cooking Classes

    you can email me and i will give you her email address. We didnt end up doing this class because at that time it was during the swine flu, and the cruise ended up going in a different direction. But everyone says its so fun. email me at grizzgurl at hotmail dot com
  4. MTcruiser

    Fun Family Liberty Review 12/2010

    Funny stuff.....nice job.
  5. If you're around 240 you'll be fine. Go and have fun.
  6. MTcruiser

    Rumrunners Busted on Destiny TODAY

    [quote name='mcwebber']Umm, are you trying to say you're bringing something else on board in Rumrunners? What would that be? Soft drinks are also prohibited in checked luggage.[/QUOTE] What is the policy on soft drinks and bottled water now?
  7. MTcruiser

    Taste Of Mexico Cooking Class

    No. I think they boiled the chicken and then shredded it. I don't know for sure though. It was tasty and want to make it here at home. I made the guacamole and it was a big big hit.
  8. MTcruiser

    Taste Of Mexico Cooking Class

    Ensenda, it was with Mango Mango and the Chef's Name was Jesus.
  9. MTcruiser

    Taste Of Mexico Cooking Class

    Does anyone have the recipes that this class used? I really want to make the Chicken Enchiladas and need to know how they made the chicken. Thanks in advance.:D
  10. MTcruiser

    Denied boarding

    [quote name='Cool Waters']OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that! Don't worry about people flaming you b/c it's in their nature. I have one person trying to push my buttons on a thread I started today. We were on the Pride two weeks ago and we had birth certificates not birth records. I was worried out of my mind until I got on the ship. Next year will definitely be passports for us![/QUOTE] I know this wont help now, but If you don't want to fork out the bucks for a Passport, you can get a Passport Card, it is much cheaper and you can use it for sea travel.
  11. MTcruiser


    ginger does the trick for me
  12. MTcruiser

    Carnival Glory #7445

    We stayed in 7445 last year and loved it! I'm jealous.
  13. MTcruiser

    Fun Ship Dollars

    just what I was looking for Thanks!
  14. MTcruiser

    Fun Ship Dollars

    A quick question. Do I put my booking number in the address field to have fun ship dollars applied as on board credit? Thanks
  15. MTcruiser

    Cruisin in january???/

    We are sailing January 8th, 2011 on the Liberty. It shall be fun. I have sailed one other time in January on the Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas, and it was a little bit cooler at night time, the last day was horrible. I think half of the ship was sea sick. We had extremely rough seas. We were in an ocean view cabin and the waves went over our windows. It was cool, but doing this all day did my sister in...and alot of others...haha!! Other then that, it was great. And I am sure you will have a great cruise!!