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  1. There are 8 of us that are to be staying at the Aquarius Vacation Club in San Juan, the day before we cruise out. If you have stayed at this place some time "this year", would you give me your opinion. I know we will not be there long, but on another website, most people "this year" said they were not happen with it.
  2. Thank you for your reply. That will give me an idea of "possibly" when the 8 of us will be able to check in .
  3. I was not planning on getting on here anymore, and yes I did use the word lazy, but this laziness did not start when Covid and the Pandemic came as someone mentioned, it was going on before, but "some" people never notice, and as I said, this was MY opinion, and I have read other opinions here, and I will not say anymore.
  4. I was at my pharmacy today and ask them if they carried the kits, and what the price was, as someone had mentioned $105. They told me their price was $35 which wasn't bad, but I hope by the time we get ready to cruise, we won't have to do these kits, but as you know, time will tell!
  5. As I said, I KNEW I would get feedback on this, but this was MY opinion, and I KNOW you have yours as well!
  6. Nancy, that is nice that you do your husbands packing, as I'm sure he appreciates it as well. When it comes to packing for me, I always have a list that I mark off each item that I want to take, as I put it into my luggage. Do I sometimes forget something, yes, but this list really helps in making my vacation much better. 🙂
  7. I'm just curious. If you know, is the main reason we cannot get into Royals website to put our information in, is because our ship has been docked because of the pandemic, and is getting ready to cruise for the first time, the first part of November?
  8. It may have been a year or two since you have been on the Explorer OTS, because of Covid and the pandemic, but if you had a balcony room on deck 6, would you give me YOUR pros/cons of the room, as we have 4 rooms book there.
  9. I have not read any of the postings, but I checked out Explorer of the Seas roll call, and I was either the first, or maybe the 2nd one to get on there for January. There are not a lot of people posting, and sometimes I think people have NO idea what the roll call is all about. It doesn't always mean that you will "meet" these people in person on the ship, but it is nice to have a rep-or with them in regard to the ship, or the ports that are visited, and what you might be doing. I posted on ours of the tour that the 8 of us are doing in St. Lucia, as I had done it twice before, and wanted the other 7 to enjoy what we had through this tour, and I was surprised of the people on our roll call that decided to book this tour too.
  10. So if I'm reading the post right, you say these test (if we cannot get CVS or Walgreen to do them) cost $105 each? That sounds like "bank robbery to me. There are 8 of us leaving the 2nd week in January, and I'm hoping things will be better than what it seems right now.
  11. I have a feeling I will get a lot of "back lash" in regard to what I'm saying, but this is ME talking in reference to dressing up for formal night, etc. I am over 70, and since I do not cruise all the time, I enjoy "dressing up" for formal nights, and get many compliments from "strangers", telling me their not used to people dressing up anymore, which is true. This is MY words, but I say this generation is a LAZY society, and it takes WORK to dress up nice, as anyone can throw on a top and bottom, but to really look nice, it takes work. I'm not saying to do this all the time, but for formal nights, in my book YES. 🙂
  12. Thank you Ashland, I hope to report back if everything goes fine in January for us. My one son is a little "skeptical," and I understand because of ALL the bad things that are going on here in the USA, but I told him, we have to "think" positive and cannot stop living and planning, and God KNOWS what is best for us.
  13. Yes, in my over 15 cruises (yes I KNOW things can change because of the Pandemic, etc.), I have always been able to do MDR, as we have enjoyed it so much. Time will tell "if???" we have to do the MTD.
  14. Let's ALL hope/pray that we WILL be able to do our upcoming cruises! 🙂
  15. Publicpersona, I'm sure you looked handsome in your Tux, as my 3 sons "surprised" me a few years ago, by dressing all the same. At my age, over 70, I like to dress to the 9's as I don't get to do it every day. So if I get a chance for formal night, I will. 🙂
  16. Yes LynnForestgate, I do hope we can get the late dining as well. I was TOLD, that if they give us the early dining (unless ??? it would be because the ship capacity was low, and I would understand), we could always ask to have our dinner time changed for late. Since there are 8 of us, I hope we don't have to do the MTD, as I would prefer having the same people wait on us. (Maybe??? this happens at MTD, and I don't know.) This way they get to know us, and we get to know them a tad too. 🙂
  17. Oh thank you so much. This way I can let the other 7 people know that Monday and Friday will be our formal nights.
  18. Baron I understand where your coming from, but for us, we are hoping it is late, as it is such a RUSH to get back to the ship and get ready for dinner. As I said earlier, if it is the late dinner, then we have time to shower/relax and not hurry before dinner.
  19. Sharonlacey, I understand where your coming from, but for us, we will probably just go with the flow. I know my sons love to snorkel, and they may or may not get to do it, as time will tell. 🙂 Two of my sons said if they don't get off the ship, it will be fine, as they just want to RELAX, and I understand where there coming from, but hopefully we WILL be able to get off the ship. 🙂
  20. Yes Ashland, if nothing happens, and we GET to cruise, I hope to do another review, as I have been doing this for several years.
  21. Thank you for your response to my question. So if I understand you right, if we start our cruise on Sunday evening, and you say nights 2 and 6 are formal nights, then would Monday or Tuesday be considered the 2nd night? As for "dressing my best", I always do that! I am over 70 and I get compliments from strangers all the time for the way I dress, especially for formal night. Actually when I go to the MDR in the evening, I STILL dress nice, but not as formal. 🙂
  22. Sea Dog, I will look forward to seeing your review on the Explorer when you get back, as our cruise is the 9th of January!
  23. MandyMooToo, well I don't know what to tell you. It looks like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing, as my TA DID check with RCL to see about my passport issue. Yes, I'm hoping it will be here, and when (it is very hard to get a hold of anyone at the Passport office) I did speak to someone a month or so again, they said I could expedite it, but I may not need to do it, so I'll see what happens. At least you got your passport issue taken care of. It doesn't make sense, even "without" expediting the passports, that some come sooner than others. I was just renewing mine, so why it is taking longer, I have no clue.
  24. I have not read any of your responses, but there are 8 of us to cruise the first part of January. They had us down for "early" dining, and my TA was able to get it changed to late, and I hope we don't run into a problem like you did. The reason we do late is because, we DON'T have to rush back from the port to the ship for dinner, and can shower/rest/dress before our late dinner.
  25. I may be a little early in asking this question because of the Pandemic and Covid, but I'm going to ask anyway. We are to do the "7 day" Explorer of the Seas the first part of January. I understand there are 2 formal nights. If our cruise is from Sunday to Sunday (no sea days), if you know, which two days would be formal nights?
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