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  1. It may be hyperbole but there are some valid and thoughtful points being made here. I love cruising and have taken over 30 Princess Cruises in the past 15 years. But we have cancelled our cruises for the remainder of the year - the next one up was supposed to be on the Grand. Personally for us it is not worth the risk of getting stuck in an extended quarantine - I have a job and my husband is self employed. We have grown children traveling with us who have their own jobs and college demands. We have pets at home that require care. And we have elderly family members who I would prefer to protec
  2. Not that far on a cruise ship - they can get there within less than a day.
  3. From what I read some of them aren't just getting sick now, they have been ill for many days but didn't make the connection until the news started coming out in the past few days about the Grand. The patient here who was just identified has been feeling unwell since coming home and thankfully stayed home, just going out to get tested when the news came out the she might have been exposed on the ship.
  4. Just reported in our Ventura County news that a local resident who was on the previous Grand sailing has tested positive - first person here in this County. The spouse is being tested as well as two other local residents who were also on that sailing so it could end up being more. The count from the prior cruise just keeps going up it appears.
  5. The crew has had more time to be exposed compared to the passengers onboard currently. The spread likely started during the prior cruise and has now had more time to pass among the crew who live in very tight quarters, some of them four to a cabin. There is no way to adequately quarantine or control the spread of a something like this in that type of environment. Most crew are young and healthy and not likely to get very ill based on what we know about this - some may be positive and not even showing any symptoms. Yet they are still able to to pass it to each other and ultimately the passenger
  6. Thank you for sharing this. I was the person who found the locket and shared the story here. It still breaks my heart to this day the I did the “right” thing by turning it in to Guest Services only to discover it had mysteriously disappeared when by chance I found the owner through a note she left in the game room. She had been to Guest Services numerous times looking for it only to be told nothing like it had been turned in. We went to the desk together and the very man I personally handed it to denied that I had done so or that he had ever even laid eyes on me. The portion of the desk where
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