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  1. Thanks so much for the info. Good to know it has been available. Our cruise isn’t until October, so hopefully they will restock (or maybe run out of even more😬). It’s interesting that they advertised it & then didn’t have all the wines. We’ve always had to ask about it. 😊 Thanks again.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have any recent experience with the wine package being available (or not) on the Sapphire Princess? We have been able to buy it on previous 10 day or more cruises, but I have read sporadic reports about it not always being available. We're trying to decide how much wine to bring on our upcoming cruise out of Southampton.😊 Thanks so much.
  3. Hi, We are in SLO & have used the parking structure across from the cruise terminal. We found it very convenient. My husband dropped me & the bags off & parked. We both just walked over with our bags after the cruise to get the car. We did reserve ahead of time. On our last cruise we rented a car one way each way. He dropped me off then dropped the car a mile or so away & took the trolley/bus back to the port. Amtrak does sound more relaxing however! 😊
  4. Thanks for all the replies and suggestions. Special thanks to Rocklin Mom for your detailed response. We’ll be passing through Rocklin next week on our way to visit our daughter in Grass Valley! it looks like our new plan is to take a very late National Express bus to Southampton after our flight arrives & spend what’s left of the night there & then board the ship the next day. We will be so jet lagged it really won’t matter what time we finally get to the hotel!😴😴 Thanks again.
  5. Has anyone recently take the Princess transfer from LHR to Southampton? Do you remember where the buses load? We will be flying in the night before our cruise & spending the night near the airport... trying to decide whether to take the National Express bus to Southampton (which we have done before) or try to catch the Princess transfer from the airport since we will have to go back to the airport either way. Thanks in advance for your help.
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