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  1. Pins get 6 drinks, the only thing at happy hour are snacks, no free drinks. D+ gets 5 drinks on card, no actual happy hour.
  2. @erinsmom03I think 12:01 should be fine and yes you can get a check-in time without passport.
  3. I don't think there was a semantics difference in what @twangstersaid though. I would not assume it is 2*2*2, I would assume it is 1*2, 2*2 and 3*2 As its based it is double what you get, that's all. If people don't understand basic math and can't comprehend...that's on them.
  4. For those who are sailing in Nov, you need to check the app. I know quite a few people who didn't realize their check-in was open because they were 1. waiting on an email and/or 2. going by what the website say in CP.
  5. Yes, you can modify booking from room type and price and still qualify as long as booking is not cancelled. Your booking date and number doesn't change unless it is cancelled. I swapped dates and ships and my booking number/date was the same, so it qualifies for the double points.
  6. I haven't actually read from a cruiser who has experienced the Key recently though. That being said it is pretty crappy to only have priority boarding during your scheduled time. That basically means if it is 3pm, you just get to go in front of the other 3pm folks. On the newer/amped ships the Key is $20+.....this makes it the worst "deal."
  7. @brilloheadI am only saying what a rep told me, we all know they have different answers
  8. European pricing is different. Anthem is sailing out of that market now. In the US standard drinks are $13.
  9. Are your B2B the same itinerary? Because if they have different ports, like how sometimes Allure does an Eastern one week and Western another? Then you might be charged differently based on that. Also demand and such.
  10. Based on the info I received, the only C&A status that matters now is Pinnacle, they can board an hour each way like those staying in suites. The RCG rep I spoke with says those with the Key will be similar to Suites/Pin as they are allowed an hour each way. So if check-in time is 1pm, you can board around noon, but you won't actually be able to just show up at 10:30. Of course based on ports YMMV, you could potentially be able to show up whenever.
  11. You still have to show up at assigned time but you will get an hour each way I believe. Right now suites and pinnacles have an hour leeway. That will be the deal for Key holders. So if you snag a 12:30 check-in, if the ship is ready you can board by 11:30. But you won't be able to show up at 10:30 or whatever the earliest time is.
  12. In some cases 10 is actually the max. With the size of your party, they will split you into probably a group of 6 and 7. Just read on FB about how some ships are only doing 8, per CDC recommendations. Poster was quite upset as 2 people always had to sit separately for the duration of the cruise.
  13. Remember this is very much a YMMV. One could get to PC and that would be the day they are enforcing the rules.
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