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  1. I am booked with Storylines in 2023. And I am hoping that everything will turn into normal by then since these COVID-19 protocol requirements is such a hassle and I don't want myself to feel burden and get tired taking care of those requirements lol.
  2. Oh wow thank you so much for sharing me the thread about Storylines!! I'm gonna read for some advices on this thread 😊 Again thanks a lot, I really appreciate the effort 🤗
  3. I'm gonna be a first time luxury cruiser in 2023 at a residential cruise ship called Storylines. It has been my lifelong dream to travel around the world in luxury and without leaving my own home. And Storylines will be a great help for me to achieve that dream. May I know if anyone here already have an experience living inside a luxury cruise ship?
  4. Aside from Google Map, Storylines - a luxury residential cruise ship that will set sail in 2023, provides an Explorer App which will help residents/passengers to locate the places or spots of their current destination. as well as the places in the itinerary. Definitely convenient for travelling.
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