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  1. Maybe not the deck plans, but I just started a booking on Encore, selected a regular balcony and the floor plan link shows a room with the recess for the bed. Same process for Prima shows a room with a straight wall.
  2. It may not be conclusive, but the Prima floorplans do not show the same recess that the BA class has to make the alternate arrangement work. Without that recess I don't see any particular reason for two different layouts.
  3. I believe it is what is marked as OCEANWALK on Deck 8.
  4. Looking at the renderings on the NCL web site it appears that most of the Infinity Beach pool is very shallow, with a deeper L-shaped section along one side and the outside edge.
  5. Deck plans here: https://app.ncl.com/cruise-ship/prima/deck-plans The Rush slide goes through and around the corner deck space next to cabin 13808.
  6. Slide or no slide it looks like those 'inside corner' rooms don't have a great view.
  7. There are ships that transport yachts long distance. The ferry could probably have used something like that.
  8. And the room detail lists the balcony as 45 square feet, so clearly the corner piece that the slide goes through is not included. Maybe there is still a working door so crew can get out for cleaning/maintenance when needed but it's disabled for passengers?
  9. The Drop on the port side is dry, but it looks like the Rush on the starboard side may be wet.
  10. Through the deck, but those are not balconies that someone is going to be sitting on. At least they don't show as such on the floor plan of those corner suites.
  11. I just did a mock booking and for the date I selected it looks like every one of those suites is available. I wonder if they blocked them until they released this information?
  12. The fence that @FreestyleNovice was referring to is the low one in the background beyond the row of lounge chairs.
  13. This is probably trivial, but it is interesting that the middle 2 or 3 decks of this megablock arrived painted white but they were red on the Prima megablock.
  14. It seems like they already covered some of that back in May although in a different format.
  15. Is it confirmed that crew are not being allowed off ships ever? Is that an NCL policy? I do not see that listed in the Preventive Measures section of the CDC Technical Instructions page, and even what is listed is noted as recommended, not required.
  16. That is well done. I read somewhere that that shape is also supposed to reduce pitching.
  17. In the Adriatic now. Looks like it should be arriving in 2-3 more days at the present speed.
  18. I have not done a cruise, but I live there and I would pick September.
  19. It looks like there will be some satellite dishes up there as well, so the exhaust stacks should not stand out so much. It should also help when they get painted white. It looks like the stairs up to the last deck go from the Haven sundeck, so it seems unlikely that there would be any public feature up there.
  20. I don't think that is so peculiar. Many crew share cabins and also work in close proximity to the same people, so there should be much more chance for transmission.
  21. If they managed to quickly contain it at the 27 cases then maybe that was not enough to be considered 'sustained.' I'm sure it is also a big consideration that nobody was more than very mildly symptomatic. I don't know what happens when a ship goes Red either.
  22. Interesting article, but hard to keep my eyes focused with all of the spin. I especially liked the last quote from the passenger who seemed unaware that there might be a COVID risk on a cruise!
  23. I think that question came up on another topic and someone stated that the answer was No. What if someone skipped the testing but then had to be evacuated off the ship in Bermuda? The travel authorization form says 'persons arriving to, and landing in, Bermuda by sea' so that seems to include someone not planning to go ashore.
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