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  1. That would be so good... was thinking things would change again but was expecting it to take much longer. Will see if the others follow suit. Constantly changing!
  2. Update... Carnival, Princess, HA, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Norwegian all have updates to include the same policy. Celebrity even states that does from different manufacturers would not be ok (so no moderna/pfizer) I am unable to get another dose at this time, as there are those I Canada (and the world) that still need their first dose. It would be greedy for me to demand a 3rd dose just because I wish to travel. We have to register online, so my file would have me as fully vaccinated... so no 3rd dose. Hoping for the policy to be changed in time for our cruise... otherwise my son will go in my place as he will have 2x Pfizer.
  3. No, the system is automated so it shows I have 2 doses. I can’t just show up and get another when so many are still getting their 1st and 2nd.
  4. HA just updated their FAQ to say that those who get mixed vaccines (I got AZ first and moderna 2nd as recommended by Canadian gov) will not be considered fully vaccinated. No longer able to go on our Aug 7 cruise to Alaska. Disappointing as research show that mixed vaccine has better immune response than 2 AZ shots. Was so excited to be able to go on my first cruise. Princess, Carnival and NCL have all changed to the same policy.
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