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  1. That's the real issue. It differs from person to person and you can't get a consistent, definitive answer. We had issues with the limitations on the standard beverage package on our cruise a month ago because we ordered a bunch of water bottles and they rang up some of mine on my fiance's card so he went over the limit. Guest services was no help with resolving the issue and even the beverage director wasn't sure what the packages actually included. I showed him what was on the HAL site (which still said the standard beverage package includes 15 alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks) and he finally took off the overage charges. He said the website was outdated and he hadn't been able to get them to update it but agreed that was a HAL issue and we shouldn't be charged for the overages on water bottles. We have another cruise booked for the end of December and are thinking about buying the elite package but don't think it's worth spending the extra money on that over the standard one unless the non-alcoholic drinks are actually unlimited. The last thing we want to do is spend our vacation counting how many bottles of water we've consumed.
  2. I take it to mean non-alcoholic. Why they can’t just write that is beyond me.
  3. We were on the Alaska cruise a few weeks ago and only had it on our TV. No printed menu and it wasn't on the app. We ordered room service for lunch a few times and it was surprisingly very good. We especially liked the pulled pork sandwich and I definitely recommend this if you like spicy food. They were also accommodating in bringing us ice cream to go with our chocolate chip cookies even though ice cream wasn't on the menu.
  4. No problem. We plan on printing it and bringing it on board too just so we don’t have any issues. We feel it’s worth the extra cost for the elite package so we don’t have to worry about overages due to water bottles and soda (we drink a ton of water) and had issues with that with the standard beverage package on our last cruise. It’s frustrating that HAL doesn’t update their site to have the correct info and it seems like everyone on the ship has different info, so I figure having this on hand will be helpful
  5. It was sent to us as a PDF attachment on an email, so there isn't a link to it but I will try uploading it here as an attachment rather than a screenshot. I've also been told you have to upgrade to the elite package onboard. If you do upgrade the the elite package, can you please update me about what you learn onboard about drink limitations with that package? Thanks. 071521-Beverage Package.pdf
  6. For those of you who have done the test, can you please tell me if the hours during which you can get the test done are limited or is it 24/7? Also, do you need an appointment? We have a cruise booked for 12/26 and I think the only way we will be able to do testing is with the at home test given all the closures for the holidays, and I can't find anywhere online about the hours that someone is available to monitor you to do the test. Thanks!
  7. In typical HAL fashion, the website differs from the PDF I received from a HAL associate as to what the elite beverage package includes. If anyone either is on a current sailing or has one coming up and has purchases an elite beverage package, can you please confirm if it includes 15 drinks total or 15 alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic? Thanks!
  8. If you have a package and purchase a drink using that package, then it includes gratuity. But if you buy a drink without a package, you have to pay 18% gratuity on top of the beverage price. So if they charge you the full amount for a drink because it's more expensive than your package allows, I'm guessing they will also charge you the gratuity
  9. Here's the PDF we received from HAL about the changes to the beverage packages. It's still horribly worded but seems that the elite beverage package includes unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and up to 15 alcoholic drinks a day while the standard only includes 15 drinks total
  10. Here are some of the drink menus so you can get an idea of the prices. I included Billboard, BB Kings, and the general drinks menu. Sorry that they're kind of out of order but it gives you an idea of the prices
  11. I believe they charge you the full amount (and perhaps the 18% gratuity as well)
  12. So after inquiring about the issues we had with the standard beverage package on our cruise (the new drink limit), we found out that package includes a limit of 15 drinks total (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) BUT the elite beverage package includes 15 alcoholic drinks and unlimited non-alcoholic drinks (how the standard beverage package used to be). We received a PDF of this directly from a HAL associate, who said they were sent it back in July. Just wanted to make sure people were aware of the change in case they feel it's worth upgrading to the elite beverage package, since many are booking with Have It All which only includes the standard one.
  13. I did what Kazu did and was able to get the bar menus that way. Each bar had its own menu posted.
  14. That's what we figured. We figured we can always use the free upgrade if we are able to get a verandah room because someone's cancelled. We also figured out it was the cheapest way for my mother-in-law to book her very first cruise because she's a solo cruiser and we were trying to keep costs down. So we were able to book her a fully obstructed verandah (category VH) and pay the Club Orange fee (which she only had to pay for herself since she's travelling alone) and she was able to upgrade to a category V room which would have been around $800 more had she booked it out right but ended up only being $175 thanks to Club Orange (plus she gets to enjoy the perks of it too). Definitely a huge thanks to everyone here at Cruise Critic for pointing out this way to get a potentially good deal on an upgrade
  15. We just booked one of the free casino deals for the December 26 Mexican Rivieria cruise. Unfortunately, verandah was all sold out so we get an oceanview and are hoping we can upgrade at some point. We added on Club Orange and it was only $25 a day on the Koningsdam, which was less than I saw elsewhere online. Adding it on let us be able to pick our stateroom location (it would have been a guarantee without it), which was a huge plus for me since most of the oceanview rooms are on deck 1 which I absolutely did not want. Looks like they lowered their price, which was nice. Just thought others would want to know.
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