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  1. I am booked for Dec at $25 pp for any cabin, including suite, $1000 free play, free drinks anywhere on ship I put the booking on hold until I talked to my PVP (my daughter thought it was a scam) and she verified the rate. She told me it was too good of deal to pass up. a friend of mine got the same $25 pp offer but his deal only went up to balcony and his suite jumped to $450 pp, only $500 free play. I dont recall if it had free drinks anywhere or just in casino - there is no rhyme or reason to it
  2. How much do you have to donate to get one of the “Build a Bear” teddy bears? i know its $10 for the shirt, but never heard what it was for the bear.
  3. This is from CVS website: COVID-19 testing is performed at no cost to you. Health insurance companies are required to cover 100% of the cost. If you have insurance, we will ask for those details. If not, we may ask for your Social Security number or driver's license/state ID in order to bill the federal program for the uninsured. In either case, you will owe nothing out of pocket.
  4. Thats what my daughter said - they have taken several cruises and always had one just in case NO didnt ask but in one of the ports in Fl they got real biotch and wanted a letter from dad, a copy of their marriage certificate etc etc
  5. My daughter deals with this issue- She will need BC and photo ID and a note from other parent saying it is okay for her to go - they do that so they know the other parent knows your wife is taking her out of the country. They may ask for it and they may not, but better safe than sorry If she has sole custody she needs to bring custody decree too
  6. Actually this post was from someone that was on the same ship I was. Several have commented on their post that if you ask the crew if they need anything they will tell you “no”. It costs very little to be nice and we could all use a little bit of “nice” right now.
  7. Saw this posted on FB so copied and shared, if anyone wanting ti reward their cabin staff for a job well done: If you are cruising again, soon.. I had the opportunity to talk to several staff. One opened up to me, more than I ever expected. I asked him how they were doing: opposite of what people are saying, they do need stuff. Carnival does have a shop for them, but it is expensive (have you priced toothpaste in the gift shop?) He said it is the same for them. They need toiletries, shampoo, deodorant, toothbrushes, ibuprofen, anything you can think of because when people bring, if one can't use, they trade or share. BUT.. he said mostly, they would love snacks! He specifically said single pack Pringles, BBQ flavored Pringles, single serve chips, cheese crackers and peanut butter crackers and there is an Asian market in Galveston, they have noodles many of them eat. He said, anything would be appreciated by someone. They all pass it around and and share where needed. He said the extra money is soooo appreciated, (I'm not suggesting we stop those extra tips)! but that gets saved, shared with the team and gets sent home. And as you saw, they can't go off the ship at the ports, so at Carnivals mercy for shopping. So, if you are cruising, please pass the word in those groups.
  8. just got off Vista this morning- did not hear anything about Covid other than the crew members that had tested positive a couple of weeks ago were quarantined in inside cabins for 20 days from what I saw, if Covid is on ship it is coming from a passenger- the crew was constantly cleaning, wiping down, mopping trying to keep up (had one try to clean my table twice in 5 minutes), even had crew at times by the elevators pushing the buttons wearing gloves then wiping the buttons. the passengers were supposed to be masked inside at all areas but still seen several with no masks, even on elevators. The enforcement was spotty but I guess they cant be everywhere at once. Some passengers were real good about wearing them but there are always the few- hope they dont ruin it for everyone else
  9. I got my Covid results and so I screen shot the results - Carnival wouldnt take it and I had to log into my email and show them digitally
  10. Just got off Vista - they no longer supply hard copy daily activities but you can pick up one at Guest Services and various areas around the ship (they had some available on Lido deck inside by elevators. the Hub is nice to be able to look at MDR menus to see what is available or if you want to skip and eat somewhere else and you can have your decision of what to eat before you go; the “chat” feature is nice if you need to check in with fellow passengers; opening times of all venues; ship maps; etc are all available through the Hub
  11. I didnt mean they would force one to go if the other one popped positive i meant if the one negative decided to go on his own, wouldnt they charge for solo?
  12. Who ever tests negative wont get to go and the other hopefully had insurance to cover cancellation- if one goes and the other doesnt, wont they charge you as a solo? bet bet if one is positive, reschedule
  13. Thats what we did - daughters family booked later that we did and couldnt get anything but late time - went to MDR once we boarded to see if she could get switched to the early with the rest of us. They put her at the table right next to us
  14. They ask when you sign up - you will have to upload a copy of your ins card, he just has to put in his SS# no charge either way (at CVS)
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