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  1. This is true. Also, Rapid Antigen tests are in short supply in some areas, so not even an option for some.
  2. It was also available prior to May 31. I made several bookings during that promo that show LATDBLX on my NCL issued invoices. I believe that June was the "dark" month for the promo.
  3. "We strongly encourage all guests to take a COVID-19 PCR test within 96-hours prior to their sail date as an added precaution. If a PCR test is not readily available, then we encourage guests to at a minimum take a COVID-19 antigen test, prior to travel."
  4. I believe that it's midnight Eastern time 21 days before. West Coasters can sneak in at 9:00 PM the day before. Also works for dining reservations. 😎
  5. Another vote for luggage tags. I received those really nice vinyl, peel off tags for my upcoming inside, but then upgraded so the tags had the wrong room number. No worried. I just printed some labels with the right room and suck those on top. 😎 NCL told me that they don't resend the tags when your room number changes.
  6. I'm guessing that if the fees are paid to NCL, they are taxed as revenue and then passed on as taxable wages to the employees. If they are paid as they are now, they are likely only taxed once.
  7. I don’t think there’s been any question about cruise refund for all booked in the same stateroom.
  8. Yep. That’s what 99% of us are planning. The other 1% don’t understand the question.
  9. I prefer the version "there are three sides to every story; yours, mine and the truth."
  10. I think the current system is great. I always pay the DSC and generally a small amount of additional tips. It makes my cruise more fun.
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