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  1. We were on the Jade last week. My QR code for the testing was on my phone - which died at the hotel we stayed in the night before in Athens (we didn't bring an adapter, and the room had no USB ports). We "saved" my wife's phone, so she had her code. We had no problems - I initially had to go through a separate entrance, where someone looked up my QR code and escorted me to the sign-in for testing, where I rejoined my wife. We were then tested back-to-back. Then we went together to wait for our results. My number (indicated negative) appeared on the monitor within 10 minutes, tops. But her number was skipped - and we got kind of nervous until about ten minutes later her number appeared on the screen. We then got wristbands and got on the ship together for what turned out to be a wonderful week! Hope that allays some of your anxiety.
  2. Due to Greek government (or EU, not sure which) requirements, the Jade has had masks required inside (or outside where social distancing is impossible) as well as modifications for social distancing. The video shows these were clearly not observed on the cruise in question.
  3. This is of particular interest because we're booked on the Jade in September. My reaction - 11 out of 2400 is less than 0.5 percent. Even with what apparently were "relaxed " protocols. I probably have a better chance of getting COVID if I stay home doing the things I'm doing even though I'm always masked (shopping, church, etc.). People who live in some parts of the country where the numbers are worse are probably MUCH safer on a cruise. This doesn't change our plans at all.
  4. Booked on Jade out of Athens 9/19. We (my wife and I) talked a little before final payment last week, but we never really considered not going for it. It's our 25th anniversary cruise, and our first since our honeymoon. Our actual anniversary was in March; we'd planned for several years to go to NZ but that's not an option for a while. So a cruise seemed romantic, and we're vaxxed and ready to go and excited! If we have to wear masks, by now we know what each other looks like. Thar doesn't mean there's anything wrong with not going if masks are a thing for you. It's supposed to be fun and people have different preferences. I'm tired of COVID, as a pastor I'm tired of making decisions I never thought I'd have to (and it being impossibleto please everyone). I can use a break. I guess the worst thing that can happen is getting quarantined in Greece if one of us tests positive, but that, too, would be reminiscent of our honeymoon I guess.
  5. NCL Jade has left Piraeus for what someone in the roll call threads says is a practice cruise. Looks good for the 7/25 1st "real" cruise, I would think. (Made final payment today for the 9/19 Jade cruise, so I've been watching closely.)
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