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  1. Thank you Hank! I understand now, it is from the Italian government saying you can resume cruising from here and returning here, but under these conditions- everyone has to be tested before embarkation and before disembarkation and all tours must be bubble tours. We thought of going from Athens but it was just convenient to drive from Austria here. Anyway, all the best to all who commented!
  2. Yes, we asked the Freelance tour guide earlier here in Dubrovnik. She said a smaller French ship had no such restrictions, but other cruise lines do have. So it seems like a choice the cruise line has made.
  3. I guess that’s my answer really. Jan 2020 for a similar price we flew down to Mauritius and spent some 8 days at a resort with several pools and included restaurants. We sailed around the island, snorkeled, and hired a car and driver and freely explored. But you’re saying I needed to pay more to have a decent experience - therefore the “value proposition” of cruising is simply not there. We could have flown to Crete, Kos, Mykonos, Tenerife, or Mallorca and stayed in a higher quality place and been free to do what we wanted for less. Instead I’m kind of wishing I was back at work sad as it may seem.
  4. I understand, but in our excursions we’re walking among land tourists with no restrictions. A lot of it has been a failure of management to do basic planning for the number of guests they were getting…anyway i don’t want to be a bore…I’ll try to make the best of it and thanks for the comment.
  5. Maybe you’re right…this one looked good from the YouTube videos from Emma and others. I wouldn’t know as this is our first (and probably last)
  6. I’m currently on my first cruise (on MSC from Trieste) and I’m not sure why anyone would ever choose it. It took 3-4 hours to board much of that in the sun. Then you’re not allowed to leave the ship except with their own excursion, you can’t even buy water and definitely no souvenirs from a shop. To me at least one charm of travel is to be able to wander and discover places. Last, they don’t seem at all concerned with fire safety as there are a couple of designated smoking areas but these are ignored by both staff and cruiser. I hope it doesn’t cause a disaster some day. So anyway, can someone tell me why they would choose this over flying to a resort, exploring the island and maybe taking a ferry or charter to another? It would certainly be cheaper, better value and less trouble.
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