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  1. I know times have change but I never had a problem getting Dover Sole or all veggie dinners.
  2. Every time I have the test all I care about is being negative.
  3. 1. ATM is in casino.I used it several times, I think 6$ fee each time, snack..I brought chips,spicy ones ..they love spicy. I did bring candy back.Miami Beach is known for coconut patties so a few got that. I missed the engine room,laundry and bridge. Gave some everywhere eke,carried a tote around and gave out everywhere, on another note..I asked a couple of crew if they needed anything from drugstore. One needed toothpaste.one needed make up remover.. like baby wipes.never knew. So maybe small tubes of toothpaste or mouthwash. I learned from WC how long a big anything lasts. So many are running out of personal items.
  4. I respect it but I do nit have to love. Why,single travel to meet people.guess I will learn to yell so you can hear mr . truth another line tried wine dinners..just less people.
  5. The idea seems sad.part of the reason is to meet people.
  6. I tasted the soup.felt like someone over salted the soup.switch to a spinach salad. yiu love the menus and I have to special order or switch sides up all the time.
  7. I did the Spanish wine lunch.four courses for 130$. Took about two hours.I do not drink champagne so this was a nice change,
  8. Twice in the four weeks I did turn around in Miami I waited in terminal..other two long. Gone. pin both cases my wait group wore masks, believe me if not I would of said something to them and get help. I am the Queen of masks on the ship so I would of said something.
  9. I have done a WC and half in 2020. the menus do not change with areas. Not rhst I notice. more and more lectures. I never go as at pool or doing something. night life varies from dance music to piano bar. two special events off ship..I only did one in Africa. nice gym and jogging track. movies that I never go to. so much more
  10. It just opened Tuesday .I left ship Monday and paid my deposit. Wow!
  11. Some of us are booked.hope you got your favorite cabin.
  12. I love the PH. Closet,tub, breakfast in cabin,snacks and drinks on balcony. Enjoy the extra space .
  13. They should of waited base on the fact I was on and there were three of them. I waited when I wanted one. . There might be 9 lifts but midship is always busy as who uses aft ones unless going to the spa.
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