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  1. 🤣 no but I can share many a meme about it, kept us occupied watching it on the newscasts all day!!
  2. We are in SC north of Myrtle Beach and just south of the NC border. Dorian was heading straight for us but took a right so it wasn't too bad. A few tornados touched down early Thursday morning with some damage but nowhere near what it could be. Things seem to be just about back to normal today here. Hoping the trend continues as Dorian moves north, thinking about you all, stay safe and hope this is the worst of the hurricane season this year.
  3. Trick I learned here on CC, use the hangars in the closet with the clips to hold the curtains shut, works for hotel rooms as well!
  4. None of your choices apply to many. While we have status on Royal have recently expanded to Celebrity, yes we do get reciprocal status but not much value to us. Looking at other lines for itinerary, price and timing moving forward.
  5. Thanks for taking us all along on your extended vacation. Safe travels home.
  6. Winds as of 1 pm today, looks like coco cay will definitely get at least tropical storm force winds if they arent already, not to mention storm surge.
  7. With multiple live threads going on I think things are getting confused. I believe Capt Johnny is on Harmony.
  8. Agree, while I don't wish any hurricane on anyone I don't want a replay of Matthew, we got hit pretty hard here in SC with the rain and wind. Best case scenario is Dorian curves east before getting close to land which is a possibility although very low at this point.
  9. Sorry to hear about the lack of information, I know it has to be very frustrating for both the current and upcoming passengers. We are closely watching as some of the models have Dorian heading up the coast towards us here in SC. Trying to keep it somewhat light here us a good one from our local weathercaster.
  10. Please see the snip from your original post above, you are the one that said $5/night which I still dispute. If you only had those paying to keep the door open you have a much smaller base which will raise the cost substantially. Keeping a balcony door open is against cruise line policies her different than stabilizers which are there for everyone's comfort when needed. While I enjoy the "motion if the ocean", in rough seas appreciate those stabilizers as I am pretty sure all do. I am done trying to reason with the unreasonable. As I and others have said if you don't
  11. Will second these recommendations. We did the cruise in 18 and did similar. We walked to Bacchus the night we arrived in port, lots of local families around. We dud stand but had so much loot to being back with us. The next night was damp and chilly so missed most of those parades, but on Tuesday got grandstand seats from the website above which worked great for us, a place to sit, bathrooms, with VIP tickets purchase early as they do sell out, and an upfront spot to watch the parades. Food and drink was on your own but vendors were close by. Enjoy whatever you end up doing, it was defin
  12. We were at Nachi last year, there was a family with two about 10 year olds that could see the water toys at Mr Sanchos and were not happy they were not where the toys were. The parents did walk them over to Mr Sanchos to use some of the toys so yes it is walkable for some. I do think it depends what you are looking for which is a better option, no one is better than the other just different. When it just the 2 of us Nachi fits, if we have the family along Nachi is not the right place. Not sure why some get so defensive about their choices, I am just happy we all have options to
  13. But per your calculations it's $5 a night if all contribute, I personally have no desire to pay for thus "service". If you are one of a few supporting it the cost skyrockets. While I very much enjoy sitting on my balcony I do so with the door closed. When I am inside the cabin the door is also closed with, depending on where and when we are cruising, the a/c on. While I am sleeping I can't hear the ocean, wind or whatever it is that's making the noise so no need to have the door open, especially in the more humid environments. If you want to sleep outside or with the doors open
  14. Our local weatherman here in SC posted this on his FB page this morning. If only it was so easy to keep them away. Safe travels to all sailing now or over the next week.
  15. This is why it has been suggested in the past to have a no dining assignment or something similar so that a seat is not held for those who will not use it. Much debate over which should be chosen if this is the case. If they choose traditional you have the situation in the original post, if they choose select, which appears to be the more popular, it takes slots away from those that want them. A no win however you look at it. Times are changing and the cruise lines need to recognize that and adjust accordingly.
  16. This is one if the main reasons we do Select. The tables for 2 are close enough together to have a conversation if both parties want one. We have met others this way and then arranged for the same table to allow us to dine together for the remainder of the cruise.
  17. As per usual thanks those that abused the graciousness of the cruise line by hoarding multiple free sodas and waters so they didn't have to open their wallets and buy a drink while on the ship, then bragging about it, or telling others to do it both here and other social media sites. So many look for the loopholes so they can cruise on the cheap. No, it's not all but enough for Royal to notice and take action. So as others have said not Royal being cheap, it's your fellow loyalty cruisers which now impact everyone else.
  18. Not going to snip back and forth with you with, stand by my comment it was not the OPs original question. Yes after the thread went in a different direction they said they MAY pay as they go, maybe you need to reread the original question? No need to respond, I am done with the discussion.
  19. I am enjoying don't worry but will never get to Pinnacle as are starting to tire of Royal a bit so switching it up. Not directed at you specifically, but tiring of reading threads where they go off kilter so badly or go into personal conversations. Hard to do any researching or follow along with so much extraneous stuff in some posts.
  20. Sorry that was not the original question asked by the OP, see below. Of course it turned into a mix between you only need a package if you drink too much and look at what benefits I get by being pinnacle or staying in a suite. No wonder people are leary of asking questions on this site.
  21. Thank you, was just going to post the same thing, especially when this thread started with a question about diamond benefits 😉.
  22. Just an observation, I see two camps here on this thread calling out others for the same thing but different reasons and taking offense with tge other side. Quite humorous actually and for most cases both incorrect. You have one group saying those who get a package have an issue with drinking too much, and then the other saying those who don't the package but use the DO overindulging during happy hour. Must it always come down to what is basically name calling? Why do all threads on this subject end up the same way? To answer the OPs question I wholeheartedly agree with you dia
  23. Depends on what ship you will be on. I know the newer ships have them on the cabin door but some older have also been updated to do it the same way.
  24. As US citizens we did a last minute cruise to the Bahamas in January with passports that expired in March, no issues at all. If we had thought ahead would have renewed earlier but found a deal we couldn't pass up. Have our next cruise in November where we will have new passports. If you are concerned at all bring along the birth certificates but they should not be needed.
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