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  1. How about the same way they control the crowds at the ice shows.... Require tickets that have NO charge?


    If you are on the island for 8 hours and they take 50 people each hour, how are you going to get everyone their turn? If its free everyone will want to do it. By charging you reduce the number of people to a manageable amount. As I said my kids did this in Labadee once. While they did enjoy it if we make it back to one of the private islands again, they probably won't do it again. Cost being one of those factors!


    The ice show can fit everyone on board, the water park can't :(. I would equate this more to the specialty restaurants, you pay for the opportunity to go as everyone can't.

  2. In Labadee my kids did the 'water park'. You get a specific time that you are allowed to play on the stuff out there. They do this to make sure everyone can actually get a chance and keep it fairly safe. Just think about a couple thousand people all trying to get on the iceberg :eek:. Even with the limited number of people during the specific hour there was usually a wait on the more popular toys. I don't like the fact that you have to pay, but otherwise I don't know how else they could control it.


    Unfortunately for us when we were in Labadee, the slide had a hole in and they were waiting for a replacement so didn't get to do that one.

  3. The Voyager class of ships has two different designs. The older 3 ships (Voyager of the Seas, Explorer of the Seas, and Adventure of the Seas) are considered 1st generation, the last 2 ships (Navigator of the Seas and

    Mariner of the Seas) are considered 2nd generation ships. Some differences between the 2


    1st generation -

    The balconies are part of the superstructure of the ship and therefore are more 'cave like'

    In the kids area there is a section called adventure beach with a small water slide for the little ones

    There is 1 teen area on these ships


    2nd generation -

    The balconies sit outside the superstructure and are therfore much 'airier' as they are mainly glass

    The adventure beach section on the 1st generation has been replaced by a 2nd teen area


    I know there are more differences but can't remember them right now.

  4. Here is a contract that I found on CC and have tweaked for our use. As each family is different take what you can out of it and add as you feel necessary.


    My number one suggestion is to sit down with the kids BEFORE you trip to make sure they understand what is allowed and what is not. Also make sure they know the consequences if the rules are not followed. We had to use them once with my son, never again after that he learned his lesson!


    First of all we want all of us to have fun. This should be a relaxing, enjoyable vacation. We hope that noting our expectations and rules before we depart will avoid any misunderstandings on-board. Note that violation of these rules will result in you being required to stay with us or in your cabin and therefore you will not be able to participate in any of the teen activities. These rules are not in place to say that we do not trust you, but to ensure we can all enjoy our trip.

    • You are not to enter any cabins other than ours. It does not matter if it is the cabin of a new friend or someone we know (unless one of us expressly approves this).

    • No one else is to enter our cabins.


    • If you are in your cabin alone – hang the do not disturb sign on the door. This should prevent any RCCL employee from entering. Please ensure you remove it when you leave the room.

    • You are not to drink any beverage unless it is handed to you by a family member or an RCCL staff member. You are not to drink from anything you have let out of your sight. Some people have been known to slip drugs into other people’s drinks. This is a lifelong rule that should be followed in any social situation.


    • We expect to know where you are on the ship. We will use notes in our cabin to let each other know where we can be found.

    • You are not to loiter or play in the stairwells, hallways, or elevators. Activities such as “knock and run” or calling other cabins to hang up will not be tolerated.


    • We will decide on a curfew each night. The ship’s curfew is 1 AM since you are under 18. We have the right to require you to be in the cabin earlier if we feel the need.

    • Your Sea Pass is tied to my credit card. It is to be used only by you. You may not buy other people drinks, snacks, arcade games, or souvenirs. You have a budget of $xx. If you exceed this budget without our approval, you will need to reimburse us.

    • If you loose your Seapass you are to immediately notify one of us.


    • We expect to eat dinner together most nights. There is flexibility if there is an alternate activity you would prefer to attend as long as we have discussed it in advance (at least that morning).

    • If there are kids you would prefer to hang out with instead of the teen club, I need to meet them.

    • If you order room service, you must tip the delivery person. We will provide a small amount of money for this.


    • If we arrange a check-in time and you miss it then you are “grounded” for the next 24 hours. This means that you must stay with us or in your cabin.


    • No visits to the outside areas of the upper deck at night alone.


    • Put anything of value into the cabin safe. Cell phones are only to be taken out of the safe when we ask you to. Texts and calls are expensive and not in your budget.

    • Do not leave the ship without one of us.

  5. Here's a great suggestion I've seen people type on other threads covering the same topic.


    Take a duffel bag and put both the water and Red Bull in it. Luggage tag on bag, bag to porter, bag shows up with both drinks. :)


    This is just what we did last week on Mariner with water and caffeine free diet coke. When you are getting off the ship, you then have extra space for all the stuff you bought along the way! As I gave the duffel to the porter I commented on it being heavy, he says water? Yep that usually is. Guess they see it a lot.

  6. [quote name='Cuizer2']My last picture from the ship, before going ashore was at 7:44am. Shortly after that (two or three minutes) I noticed people leaving the ship (we were early to every port).

    My first picture on shore is time stamped at 8:05am. I had an 8:15am excursion.

    All of the above times are ship time. The local time would have been one hour later.[/quote]

    Thanks, just what I needed!
  7. [quote name='Cuizer2']The ship's time and local time will match in Cabo and Mazatlan. The ship's time will be one hour behind the local time while in PV.[/quote]

    Just posted on the other thread but just in case, what time did you actually make it on shore in PV? Trying to schedule private excursions and are getting differing info from vendors in PV.

  8. Thanks for the umbrella tip Christie.


    So you do purchase things from the vendors--soda, lunch, chair rentals. Not just alcohol. Wondering what the experiences of those who didn't purchase anything have been. Not sure that makes a big difference, but still curious.


    We were at Coki last November and did not have any issues. Of course, our time there was a bit different. We had a private Snuba excursion booked that we met at Coral World. She brought us over to Coki, we did our excursion, then spread out our towels on the beach for about an hour. I think DH had 1 beer and my son and I split a frozen non alchoholic drink. Other than that we did not spend a dime. Yes, we had people asking us if we wanted a number of things, but politely declined. Afterwards we went back to Coral World, showered, and spent some time there. At the end, we got a taxi outside Coral World and went back to the ship. All in all a wonderful day.


    Personally I have stayed in St. Thomas and been to St. John so didn't feel the need to go there this time. With my son along, we wanted to something more for him (young teen) and knew St. John would be boring in his mind. This worked out perfectly for us!

  9. My family might be going to Freedom OTS in June. And I have a few questions. It will be our first time on Freedom.


    1. Is there an age limits on the spa? Yes, I think it is 16 this is fleetwide, not just Freedom


    2. Can you take books out of the library and read them in your room? I think so, never did this myself


    3. Is there an age limit in the aracde? No, be careful, the kids know how to go through $$ very fast


    4. Does it cost money to use the internet on ship? yes, and it can get pricey, but hey your on vacation, no internet necessary!



    I might have more later. :)


    Freedom is a wonderful ship you will love it.

  10. cruiserdeb1


    When we sailed in November we were on board a little after noon. We got there just after 11 and sailed right through check in then had to wait just a little while for some bridal parties to get on, then it was our turn. By the time we were getting on the ship, the line was quite long. I would get there early and enjoy as much of the ship as you can.

  11. I agree with what the others have said, it depends. Last year on the Mariner Western route the ship stayed on ship time even though it was up to 2 hours different than local time at one point. On the Explorer to Bermuda this year the ship changed time to match Bermuda. Not sure if there is any rhyme or reason to any it.


    Trying myself to figure out when we get to St. Thomas in November if we will be on the same time or different. Throw in the change of daylight savings time and who knows as some islands change for this and some don't!

  12. Not that you can go wrong just about anywhere in Key West as far as food and drinks are concerned, but if you are looking for excellent food, Pepe's and Blue Heavean are the way to go.


    Sloppy Joe's, Hogs Breath and the like are the typical tourist restaurants that you can find anywhere. The drinks and atmosphere are great, but if you are looking for the local flair, not the place to go.


    For drinks, the local hangout is Schooners Wharf. Right on the water near where the snorkeling trips leave from. Food is good too, but not like what you'll find at Pepe's and Blue Heaven.


    Just a side note, Blue Heaven does shut down for 3 - 4 weeks in the September/October timeframe for vacation. We almost missed out when we were there last year, left the day after they re-opened.

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