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  1. 4 hours ago, RFerrington said:

    This pair was on our Anthem B2B in Feb.  it was ridiculous the way he pulled the dog around in a cart.  I was surprised as I thought Royal had ruled against emotional support animals.  I saw no “incidents” during our 2 weeks.


    No incidents because his "baby" was in the wagon.  I wonder if he transports them in the wagon to reduce the potential for accidents???


    Totally unacceptable situation.  Yes please follow up with Royal and if no acceptable resolution bring it to social media.

  2. As others have stated unless I see a pattern I don't put too much faith into reviews.  Have seen a scathing review of a cruise we were on where we had a great time.  We actually had met the reviewer during the cruise, were on an excursion with them, and this was about the only way we knew for sure we had been on the same sailing!!   Knew from our brief encounter they had very different priorities than we did.

  3. 42 minutes ago, Sizzlechest said:


    You can open it with the code, the owner key, a master key, OR a physical key. Not a combination of those methods. EITHER of them. Anyone on the ship who knows the code doesn't need any keys to open the safe. Anyone with a key doesn't need the code. Nowhere in the manual does it say the temporary code, which is what the passenger is using, is reset if any other method to gain entry is used. YOU WILL NOT KNOW YOUR SAFE HAS BEEN OPENED BY THE STAFF!


    Every safe we have ever used on a ship you have had to enter a code or swipe a card to LOCK the safe, then use the same method to open it, basically resetting the entry method each time the safe is opened.  If someone on the ship overrode whatever to open it, then how did they close it with the same information the OP used?  If they used any other method than what the OP did they would have known the next time they attempted to open the safe.


    I truly believe the item was erroneously left in the safe or never put back and fell at some point where they did not notice it.

  4. Agree with others here.  Sad for the OP that they cannot find their jewelry but doubt it was the cabin steward stealing it.  How many posts have been on CC with people finding things left in the cabin by previous occupants especially in the safe.  Unless you shine a light in the safe or run your hands all over the bott9m it's very easy to miss something.  I can't count the number of times I put something somewhere safe and then forgot where that was only to find it days or weeks later.


    Hoping that your jewelry turns up soon.  Thanks for the reminder to keep track of items when on vacation.

  5. https://www.cruzely.com/heres-how-much-money-cruise-ships-make-off-every-passenger-infographic/


    Can't verify what's in this article but if true interesting.  Uses Royal as example showing where they make $298 profit on average from each passenger.  This number is includes cabin, average $1116, and onboard spend, average $444.  So if onboard spend is down, easy to not make that profit.


    Looked and didn't this posted before if it was sorry.

  6. 5 hours ago, niksmom630 said:

    If only the parents would make sure their kids follow the rules emoji35.pngthese tykes were in the hot tub the whole time, blocking the swim up bar area



    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk


    Our last time in  Cozumel we did Nachi as opposed to the other AIs hoping to avoid kids, was just DH and I.  Minutes after we got there 2 families with small kids showed up and were seated just down from us.  Fortunately the kids were all very well behaved and it was a non issue, but we did have a few anxious moments.  All you parents don't take it the wrong way, have raised my kids, also have grandkids now which we adore,  and like seeing them enjoy themselves but at times prefer a non kid environment.   Since Nachi doesn't have all the bells and whistles had assumed/hoped it would be a quieter more relaxing adult day.


    If we had had kids in the hot tubs like you did we probably would have done an "excuse me, trying to get to the adult only bar" loud enough for the parents to hear.  It is a shame that a few have to ruin it for the rest.


    BTW, thanks for the great live report.  Much appreciate it, looks like you are having a great time.  A few years ago took our 19 year old on the bar hop, he had some sleeping it off to do that night as well!

  7. 25 minutes ago, navybankerteacher said:

    Amazing how defensive some people get when confronted by a fact that might make them feel uncomfortable. 


    I am am not a recovering alcoholic, and do not give a damn about how much you, or anyone else, drinks on a cruise.  


    I am curious, however, about the level of concern expressed by a post about whether a drink package makes sense — when posted on a thread started about whether packages make sense.


    First of all the original post never asked if a package was worth it or not, only if it was required, you are the one that brought the judgement into the post.


    Second, yes I am defensive when someone incorrectly insinuates I have a drinking problem just because I choose to buy a drink package.  You don't know me or anything about me.  Just so tired of every time a drink package question is asked the judgement comes out from someone.  While on vacation if I have 3 or 4 drinks over 8 or more hours each day for a week, but go home and don't drink anything for weeks, does that make me an alcoholic???  Sorry but I don't think so and as you can see many here also feel the same.

  8. 8 minutes ago, navybankerteacher said:

    You really need to be a serious drinker (verging on having what might well be called a drinking problem) for a drink package to make economic sense. Do the math, count the drinks, consider the limitations (daily caps, no service to the already inebriated, port days ashore, etc.) and remember to add in the gratuities before going for it.


    Oh please stop.  We get the drinks package on all our cruises and are no where close to having a drinking problem.  We have gotten the package for as low as $39 a day.  With some of the drinks we prefer being close to the limit that's about 3 drinks a day plus a few bottles of water.  I drink enough in bottled water to cover at least a third of the cost if not more.  The packages are not just alcohol.


    To the OP, no you do not need to buy any type of drink package, and if you drink 2 alcoholic drinks during the entire cruise it definitely would not make sense for you.  If you like non alcoholic frozen drinks or sodas, specialty coffees, etc there are other packages for those that may save you money, but again no need to purchase anything at all.

  9. If you are a US citizen on a closed loop cruise to the carribean from the US without stops in Cuba, where a 6 month  valid passport is required, you will be fine.  


    We booked a fairly last minute cruise to the Bahamas in January.  Pulled out our passports to do online check in and realized they expired in March.  We did get a warning during on line check in about the 6 month recommendation so just in case we brought our birth certificates with us.  At check in on day of cruise handed over our passports.  No one batted an eye, the birth certificates never came out.  Since you can sail on your itinerary without a passport at all, if you are nervous about it just bring the alternate docs, but chances are you won't need them.


    Have heard of people having issues if they need to leave a cruise early and can't get a direct flight back to the US, but only you can decide if that's a concern for you.  For us it wasn't.

  10. Some of the things we look at are


    How far away from the ship will the tour be going, the further away the more likely to use ship tours.  An example here is Cozumel going to see the ruins on the mainland.  These are notorious for being late.


    Can I get the tour on my own or must I use the ship.  Sometimes the cruise lines book up all available spaces with certain vendors.  If it's really an excursion you want there are not a lot of options.


    Reputation of vendors.  Can I find a local vendor with good reviews, usecruise critic and trip advisor.  Most places you can find reputable vendors.


    Of course cost.


    We do a combination of ship tours, private tours and DIY.  They all have their own pros and cons but with a little research you can find what works best for you.


    Oh and to add, the cruise line guarantees they will get you back to the ship, but not necessarily that same day.  There have been a few times when a ship needed to leave port, rare yes but has happened.  In this case they will get you to the next port.

  11. 11 minutes ago, ksmommy5 said:

    Yes but I cant even go in and "add to cart" because once i do it again, it just says to modify. 


    Yep, you need to check out for each day before adding the next.  Since they are all $0 no CC needed, pain but dies go fairly quickly.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Jasonmom said:

    Other than passport what other form of ID could one have for a 12 year old.



    In most places under 16 does not need a photo ID.  Other ID could include birth certificate or for outside US there are others can't remember the official names for.

  13. 51 minutes ago, nednrom said:


    We did a Friday-Sunday Bahama Cruise on the Silhouette in January in an AQ room.  There were shows, live music, in other words business as usual.  As a matter of fact, we liked the comic on the Silhouette better than the first comic we saw on the Edge!



    We were on the same sailing but to add, they did not have the usual variety shows in the theater instead 2 headliners, one each night.  Otherwise cruise entertainment was very much the same.  Agree it was definitely a younger, party harder, stay out later crowd than usual.

  14. 39 minutes ago, Foodluvr said:

    Also worth keeping them in 2 separate containers in separate bags. I had a bottle of pills get ruined due to someone's bottle of wine breaking and soaking my luggage. Things happen, if it's life saving meds, carry extras in a separate place!


    If it's life saving meds they should be in your carryon with you, not in checked luggage. We never pack prescription meds in checked luggage.

  15. 26 minutes ago, MandyMooToo said:


    Though this question was meant for another poster...we have never been asked for ID upon returning to the ship.  Our sea pass cards yes, but never ID.  Of course we always have our passports or passport cards with us anyway but I have yet to be asked for them.  I find it odd but chalked it up to the sea pass cards bringing up our pictures when scanned.


    It's not the ship asking for ID but the port.  We have had photo ID asked for at a few ports, Nassau being one of them.  When you leave the little shopping area before getting in the pier a photo ID is required.  Once you get to the ship only your seapass is needed.

  16. How old are the girls? Look into Ardastra Gardens, it is a short taxi ride away.  There is a zoo with lots of smaller animals, a flamingo show they pull kids in to participate, bird feedings, etc.  Not large place but cute especially for kids.


    Went with my daughter when she was in her late teens, just the 2 of us, no issues at all on our own.

  17. 3 hours ago, Mike981 said:

    For me, I believe it is from the ships water.


    1 hour ago, SantaFeFan said:


    I rather doubt that. The process they use when making water is very similar to many municipal water districts. It's the source of the water is what is different. 


    As I mentioned in an earlier post, when on board a cruise ship, you are eating food prepared 100% by the cruise line. Like any food ordered in virtually all restaurants, the cooking methods are different that how you would cook them at home. There is more pre-made items that will be heated and served when ordered. And, the amount of sodium in the food is higher than at home. That is for two reasons - to make the food taste better, and to make the food last longer after cooking and before being served. 


    A friend of my wife who is a Nutritionist Researcher in England (experiments with food preparation methods for a prepared food manufacturer in the UK) claims that the amount of sodium in most restaurant meals is nearly double what the average home cook would use. Since the average cruiser who eats most of their meals cooked at home is not used to the increased sodium in the meals on board, the additional sodium is the main culprit of swollen feet in most cases.  


    While I agree with the food having a higher sodium content onboard I also am I the camp that the ship water makes the swelling much worse.  I used to only bring big shoes as each sailing my ankles would swell very bad.  Tried a few things and found, for me, eliminating as much ship water as possible helps greatly.  I now primarily drink bottled water and rarely have any swelling.  Will this be everyone's problem, maybe not but worth a try.

  18. 51 minutes ago, E23NK1 said:

    just curious...does no one consider purchasing the Alcohol packages in the "Royal Gifts" section of your Cruise Planner?

    They are available for certain ships.

    There are (4) 375ml bottle options that each come with 4 cans of mixers for $44-$50 each...so thats about 8-10 drinks depending on how you like them.

    It may be a good option for those that are kinda in between like we are.

    We are going to order one or 2 bottles for our room and then bring our 2 bottles of wine. I dont think we would get our $800+ moneys worth so for us this is a great option.


    If you are looking for a single drink, or maybe 2, this could work.  Our issue with this approach, is having to run back to the cabin to make that drink when you want it.  Also we prefer to have a variety of drink so this limits that.


    Personally we look for a price we are happy with, have never paid more than low $40s.  On a port day we will usually pick up a drink to take back to the cabin on boarding (most likely frozen something), will have a glass or 2 of wine with dinner, then 1 more (sometime martini or Bailey's or similar) after dinner.  On an at sea day add at least 1 more by the pool.  On top of that we will get the fresh squeezed oj and at least 5 bottles of water during the day.  We feel it's worth it to us, and even if close the convenience of grabbing a water or drink whenever tips the scale.


    I fully realize the package is not for everyone and if most were getting their money's worth it wouldn't be offered at the price it is.  Everyone needs to take a close look at their day and decide for themselves.

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