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  1. It’s funny, I tried that last week since I’ve been ticketed on 7/5 and after being on the phone for over two hours, I was told that I would hear something today. I also emailed tellme who had me talk to someone else who said the same thing. I just don’t know if this is normal.
  2. I guess that I’m worried that it’s a week away from the cruise and that’s still an open item. I’m trying to make sure that all my information is in order and not having specifics is driving me crazy. When do they usually give you the information? If I know that it usually comes a day or two before, then I can relax.
  3. Because Viking could not fly me to Bermuda on the departure day of my cruise (August 3), they offered to fly my husband and me to Boston the day before and put us up in a hotel. I’ve not received any other information since the call explaining it to me. I’ve contacted Viking and after getting the run around, was told that I would receive it 7 days before the cruise. is this normal? This is my first Viking cruise and my first time using a cruise line to book my tickets, I’m not sure if I’m just freaking out for no reason.
  4. Does anyone know where the ship docks? I don’t know whether to book my hotel in old town or near the piers.
  5. Don’t get me started on VeriFLY. I uploaded my husband and my info on my iPad. Got the message that it was approved then decided to put it on my phone which caused my account to crash. After emailing VeriFLY, I was told that I can’t use the same account for two devices and I’ll have to delete my account and start over. Thanks for the information.
  6. Can anyone tell me if Bermuda accepts photocopies of vaccine card? I’m putting together printed copies of the required documents for my 8/3 cruise.
  7. Thanks for talking me off the ledge. After reading all 69 pages of this thread, I saw a few people used a Malvern, PA site that seemed to work great. Plus is only$100 for a PCR with a 24 hr turn around.
  8. I decided last minute to book the August 3 cruise and I’m having second thoughts specifically because of the Covid test. I flew to Aruba in April and used the Vault Health test with no problem but I’m getting myself worked up about this trip. i can’t confirm if Bermuda accepts Vault, I thought about CVS but am worried about the turn around time. What has everyone. Has anyone else just used CVS? I would appreciate any incite
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