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  1. That's a great itinerary! In addition to the recommended discussions, I'd also look for specific things you want to snorkel for. For example Aruba has the biggest shipwreck in the Caribbean if you're interested in shipwrecks. St Thomas has a famous Turtle Cove to snorkel with sea turtles. Aruba has "Sea Scooters" which are motorized underwater vehicles to steer while you're snorkeling. Antigua has a "Stingray City." Bonaire has caves you can snorkel in. etc...
  2. Last week was one of the largest outbreaks on a cruise ship since the restart. 27-positive people on board a Carnival ship. 26 were crew members, and only 1 was a guest. It looks like all had mild or no symptoms. Any vacation will have an inherent risk, but the odds seem to be low on cruses right now.
  3. I know you can carry over wine that you were drinking onboard to the next sailing. Not sure about bringing two bottles (x two) though.
  4. If I remember for Princess the Premium Package is about $60/day. That would amount to about 6 cocktails per day. For some it's worth it.
  5. If you're booking through the ship, book it asap. Those will refund you if there is a cancellation. If you're booking privately, I'd wait maybe a month out?
  6. Are the test cruises just going to Royal Caribbean's private islands?
  7. I love Solstice-class ships! Personally I've had slightly better experiences on Celebrity compared to Princess and Norwegian, but I have yet to try Royal Caribbean. I'm happy to hear that guests are being served at the Buffet. As a germaphobe I hope they keep it that way 😉
  8. WeMissSeaView: Did you put a bid in for both a Junior Suite and a Grand Suite? Or just the Grand Suite?
  9. Does the Royal Up program on Royal Caribbean work the same as the Move Up program on Celebrity? Anyone have experience with both?
  10. My biggest tip is also unpacking the day of. Most staterooms don't have a lot of drawers/closet space for storage (unless you have a suite), so packing less is preferred. Random things I've learned over the years to pack: 1) a small portable tripod - for picture taking without needing to ask someone. 2) extra ziplock bags - for waterproofing phones/wallets/cash at the ports. 3) a regular watch - for keeping track of ship time when there are time changes. 4) a small portable steamer - for getting wrinkles out of dinner attire. 5) a small first aid kit. 6) a suction cup toothbrush holder - to put on the mirror for extra space. 7) our own personal shampoo, conditioner, and bar of soap - what's provided in the showers is not great. 8 ) Netflix episodes downloaded on a laptop - the TV selection in the cabins is not great. 9) hand sanitizer!!!
  11. Great, thank you! I'll check out those specific companies
  12. For Royal Caribbean is there an option to get sodas at a bar or sit down restaurant without having to fill up your "large cup?"
  13. It’s always hard choosing between the better ship vs better ports vs fewer days at sea. 1) Solstice class ships (Sillhouette) are newer and have more bells and whistles than the Millennium class. I’ve been on both and would choose the Solstice class in a heartbeat. 2) The Eastern Caribbean itinerary would include 5 new ports for you, whereas the Southern Caribbean itinerary would only include 3 new ports. However, I’ve never been to the ABC islands, so I can’t comment on the quality of those places compared to the Eastern Caribbean. 3) The 2nd option includes 2 additional days at sea compared to the 1st option. That being said I’m going on a Southern Caribbean itinerary next summer 😆
  14. I always like purchasing a few bags of the local coffee wherever we stop. Honduras and Dominican Republic have had my favorite coffee so far. Also so much cheaper than what’s sold in the US.
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