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  1. Thanks for that information. It’s more than we’ve received from the cruise line. We made a single purchase using OBC for under $30. We prepaid everything else. The lack of transparency around this is really beyond the pale.
  2. Thanks. I wholeheartedly agree. There’s no excuse for it; these things can be batched and run in no time at all. It’s pure greed and incompetence on Princess’s part. What Princess forgets is that at some point, they’re going to ask something of either their customers or the government. Those of us who’ve been jerked around have long memories. I’ve no problem letting my Congress critter know that the industry doesn’t deserve any special treatment when the cruise industry comes knocking. If you look Princess up on the BBB website, they’ve got a terrible rating. I know I’m not an isolated case. And before anyone says “Think of the crew,” I do. Here’s the other thing: Had things gone more smoothly, they’d have had customers for years in us. We’ve returned over and over to vendors who’ve treated us well. We’ve got the discretionary income to travel. But poor treatment is a “one and done” thing. I don’t believe in rewarding bad treatment/service with repeat business. Ever.
  3. Update: FINALLY got through to someone at Princess. For reasons that they cannot explain, all shore excursion refunds have to be issued in the form of a check. (Note: Of course they do. Princess gets to hang onto the funds longer plus not have to pay the CC co. its various fees for refund. This is a win-win for the cruise line.) Check distribution is taking "six to eight weeks" per our rep. We were assured repeatedly on the ship that they'd refund our credit card as soon as the folio was settled. Fine. We'll dispute it with our credit card company and maybe it'll be sorted out in six to eight weeks. My first and last cruise with this cruise line. If anyone asks, I'll be sure to tell them to avoid it like the plague.
  4. We were on the 8/8 cruise on Majestic out of Seattle. Our excursions in both Juneau and Ketchikan were canceled at literally the last possible second. I spoke to the bursar on board and strenuously (but politely) requested that the credit our credit card and was told that that can only be done by corporate. We've now been back more than two weeks and still haven't seen the credit. My husband has been on hold with Princess for coming up on 90 minutes with no results yet. I will never, ever sail with this company again, so help me God. It's been one thing after another.
  5. I called guest services over this issue shortly before we hit open sea again. I was told that this happens regularly when the ship heads up into Glacier Bay “due to location.” She assured me it would improve shortly and lo and behold, it did. The winds are intense! The swells got to seven to nine feet tall. Everyone walking the halls looks vaguely drunk as they try to navigate the pitch. roll, and yaw. I’m thanking my lucky stars for scopolamine patches. Wild weather.
  6. Your post comes across as both condescending and blaming/shaming me for not using a travel agent. If that’s what “well wishes” look like, then clearly I’ve been doing it wrong. Please refrain from further response to my posts.
  7. Thanks. I’ll screenshot the chats for reference. I did document the conversation with the particular crew member and the date it as it was a face to face conversation. I’ll definitely take it up with my credit card company. I’m just super annoyed that I even have to do this. It’s a total lack of professionalism and respect on Princess’s part.
  8. We didn’t use a TA, unfortunately. And yes, infuriating is but one of the many words I’ve been using. The others are less acceptable in a forum such as this. When I went to guest services last night after reaching out to them multiple times via crew chat, I felt distinctly like I do at a car dealership. There’s someone “in charge in the back” who refuses to appear and the agent keeps running back and forth. It felt like a scene out of the Wizard of Oz. I was extremely civil, calm, and extremely clear on the issue and why it was a problem. They absolutely didn’t care. If I have to sit on hold for 90 minutes post cruise straightening this out, I’m going to blast it all over social media, TripAdvisor and the like. Princess had a golden opportunity to cultivate a new customer and they completely torpedoed it for me and my husband.
  9. A follow up to this: Did Princess owe you a refund for anything? How long did that take, if so? One of our excursions was canceled at the last second. No apologies offered, no accommodations made, nothing that even vaguely resembled customer service. When we booked a replacement excursion, we were charged AGAIN instead of using the existing balance. So now we have nearly $500 in OBC and Guest Services says they have no ability to refund my credit card until after the cruise ends. I’ve asked repeatedly. And, to add to this screw up, they also refuse to provide a direct number to someone in finance, insisting that 1-800-Princess is the only recourse available. To say that I’m angry is an understatement.
  10. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but CrewCall has been hit and miss in my experience. I reached out shortly after we embarked and waited about 15 minutes for a response before giving up and calling directly. I had a repeat performance yesterday.
  11. I saw that, too. Had a minor panic and immediately chatted with someone at Princess. This is effective 8/15.
  12. I don't think this is a fair assessment. If I had to guess, I'd say that most folks want the pandemic to end and want to return to "normal," whatever that means. Yeah, it's early in the return and things are changing without a lot of notice. People are sad and angry and grieving. People hoped that by being able to take a cruise, something that they did prior to the pandemic, unmasked, maybe they'd feel "normal" for a little while. There's grief when those expectations get dashed, especially when the communication is handled poorly. I don't fault anyone for being annoyed or angry for being told they have to deal with this on their own on extremely short notice. If anything is revealed in this marathon testing thread, it's that not everyone has access to the tests or their results. When you've invested thousands of dollars on a vacation and suddenly, this monkey wrench gets thrown into it, it's destabilizing. People need a space to vent and sound off with others. Some will cancel, some will get over it. But shaming folks isn't helpful.
  13. I know, I know. 😝 When we booked, the delta variant was only in India and it really looked like things were turning around. Friends who cruise frequently booked this trip and asked if we’d like to join them. We weighed the risks and decided we’d chance it. MSN plans, G-d laughs. That said, I’m still pretty underwhelmed by Princess’s lack of direct communication. When I think about the sheer volume of email at the start of the pandemic about how everyone was handling things, this misses the mark.
  14. You’re very kind. We’re going. Too late to cancel without taking a pretty big financial hit. We’ll make the best of it. I guess I’m just disappointed that the way this has been handled has been lacking. These aren’t cheap trips. I was reviewing our final paperwork today and there was a note about how Princess would be communicating with us in the event of changes. That hasn’t happened at all, and while I don’t blame the crew, I’m really quite surprised that literally no one has reached out via email to explain what’s happening or why. If I hadn’t found these boards, I’d be in the dark and I’m not alone in that. Again, first world problems. I get it. I just don’t like feeling taken for granted and I’m sad that that’s the case here. Tomorrow’s another day. It’ll look better. Life goes on.
  15. I am aware. And yet there has been zero communication FROM Princess directly to those on this Sunday's sailing with ANY updates on ANY new protocols. Irresponsible.
  16. The e-bikes that Klondike is renting are made by RadPower. They are AWESOME! That rental price is a steal. Even someone in not terribly good condition can tool around on one of these things and have a grand time.
  17. Will do. And thank you! I'm trying to look on the bright side.
  18. Because a) these cruises were so appealing BECAUSE they were touted as mask-free and fully vaccinated; b) because it doesn't actually add to the safety or security if they're increasing capacity but requiring masks and c) because they've done an incredibly poor job notifying those affected and/or offering either a postponement or cancellation option. I leave this Sunday. I haven't heard anything from Princess about ANY of the new protocols. Had I not read it on the CC boards, I'd have been completely in the dark arriving at the port. This is NOT the way to treat customers. Honestly, this is my first cruise, and first with Princess and I sincerely doubt I'll do another one after this. It's not their fault that the delta variant is surging, but it is absolutely their responsibility to treat us passengers with respect for our time/money. Between the shoddy app rollout and now all this, I feel pretty disrespected and devalued by the whole experience and I haven't even gotten on the ship yet. This is not the way to have a vacation.
  19. I suspect that the Powers That Be at Princess made this call without really considering what it would mean for those shipping out on our cruise on 8/8. Thus far, I haven't received anything that indicates even accelerated mask wearing. Had I not seen your post and then dug into the FAQs myself, I wouldn't have known. The notification for this has been, shall we say, poor?
  20. Additionally, all cruises departing 8/15 and later WILL REQUIRE a negative PCR or antigen test 72 hours prior to boarding. From the princess.com website FAQs updated today, clipped slightly for length: If I’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine, am I also required to have a pre-travel COVID-19 test performed 72 hours prior to boarding the ship? Yes, effective with cruises departing on August 15th, we will require ALL fully vaccinated guests to produce a negative, medically-observed viral COVID-19 test (PCR or antigen) taken within 3 days of their embarkation on all Princess sailings. Fully vaccinated guests will be required to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test along with proof of full vaccination upon arrival in the terminal and can then proceed onboard. Please note that testing in the terminal will not be available for vaccinated guests, so it’s critical that you have your negative test results with you upon your arrival. We will not be able to accommodate guests without proof of a negative test. Guests who received a vaccination exemption are still required to take a negative PCR test within 3 days prior to embarkation and will be tested again in the terminal prior to boarding the ship and again within 24 hours of debarkation (for itineraries five days or longer). Unvaccinated guests will continue to be charged $150 per person for testing and administration.
  21. A question: Has anyone boarded who had to pick up their medallion at the port? How did that go? I'm on the next departure (8/8) and we've got to get our medallions when we arrive. I'm hoping it's not a mess. And a comment: Thanks to the person who posted pics from the library! I've never seen SO MANY Scrabble games in one place outside of a store. Good to know there are options. Many thanks in advance to everyone who is posting!
  22. Does anyone know if the minibar setup also applies to mini suites or suites only? Thanks!
  23. A thousand heartfelt thank yous for this thread! I know there were frustrating moments, but thank you for sticking with it and for taking time from your vacation to bring all of us answers. I feel a lot more prepared for my departure next Sunday. Safe travels home!
  24. @HaveDogWillTravel Many thanks! I so appreciate your feedback!
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