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  1. My cruise which they canceled was sailing from miami.
  2. I cant even get anyone on a call anymore.
  3. My trip is 25 days out from miami and they havent sent me *****.
  4. Why is it just a cdc card, are Canadians all of the sudden not vaccinated anymore even if we got both shots. This ***** is crazy.
  5. I have received zero communication from them since booking so no dont congratulate them.
  6. Which cruise line? MSC, Holland? Im going on MSC cruise in September.
  7. You are right about that, will be interesting to see who wins this time. I hope it isn't o tootle that would be most unfortunate.
  8. I mean if your actually gonna vote for the conservatives idk what that says about you. Considering their leader is a absolute lunatic. I guess you can vote NDP but they will never gain power.
  9. Yes i got the test last week everything was fine in and out in 15 mins. Im in florida right now.
  10. Also note that when it came to insurance he just purchased manulife travel and got on the ship fine.
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