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  1. My cruise which they canceled was sailing from miami.
  2. I cant even get anyone on a call anymore.
  3. My trip is 25 days out from miami and they havent sent me *****.
  4. Why is it just a cdc card, are Canadians all of the sudden not vaccinated anymore even if we got both shots. This ***** is crazy.
  5. I have received zero communication from them since booking so no dont congratulate them.
  6. Which cruise line? MSC, Holland? Im going on MSC cruise in September.
  7. You are right about that, will be interesting to see who wins this time. I hope it isn't o tootle that would be most unfortunate.
  8. I mean if your actually gonna vote for the conservatives idk what that says about you. Considering their leader is a absolute lunatic. I guess you can vote NDP but they will never gain power.
  9. Yes i got the test last week everything was fine in and out in 15 mins. Im in florida right now.
  10. Also note that when it came to insurance he just purchased manulife travel and got on the ship fine.
  11. So i got the rapid antigen test from shoppers, I do not have covid so I am good to get on the plane. It took 15 mins and they stick the swab pretty far up your nose.
  12. the ontario portal specifically states its the free one is not meant for international travel. However you could probably use it anyway, also you can go to shoppers drugmart and get a rapid antigen test for 40$. The americans allow that test as well.
  13. thats pretty far out, a lot can change by then.
  14. I've been on a dozen cruise' and got the drink package on one. I still dont think its worth it, I only ever drink maybe a beer and a glass of wine. I dont drink soda anymore and stick mainly to water and coffee.
  15. i havent been able to log into my account on the website all day, but the app works.
  16. well i am a solo traveler so I dont really care where they put me, but I wish they would just pick a room already.
  17. i just checked again and they unassigned that cabin from me again, so they likely want me somewhere else. Oh well as long as they dont cancel my booking i dont care.
  18. i have manulife travel insurance for the two months I'm in florida. Everything I've read about their covid plan says they cover insurance on a cruise as long as you are vaccinated. Its 32$ for me for the whole week.
  19. this happened today to me, i just call and they assigned me the same cabin.
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