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  1. Hopefully by then, things are more relaxed. I saw a post that on a River cruise they only tested every other day
  2. I was in 3048 on my cruise in August and we had no issues. It was quiet as can be. Of course there were only 178 passengers on our cruise, but I would definitely have no issues with that room another time.
  3. The Malta forms are different for what you do online and what you print out manually, at least they were in August. We took a pen and were ready to sign if they needed. I don't think they asked us to sign, but they did look it over to make sure everything was good.
  4. I pack a small travel one. I also bring a little suction cup and stick it to bathroom mirrors. It works perfectly.
  5. I didn't see it on the Venus either. We got our food in the World Cafe and they brought it to us while we were seated on the Aquavit Terrace. I imagine we got that level of service because there were fewer than 200 passengers on my cruise.
  6. we flew Air Malta from Munich to Valletta. Everything was fine. Seemed just like any other European regional airline.
  7. If you want the choice of more wines, then get the SS. I really enjoyed the ability to try lots of different wines throughout the cruise.
  8. And now it looks like countries are going to start putting limits on how long the vaccine is valid. https://www.msn.com/en-us/travel/tips/some-countries-are-setting-vaccine-expiration-dates-for-travel/ar-AANTVDW
  9. It is the same price onboard as it is before sailing. We didn't decide until we got on the ship, and it was the same price. We didn't have OBC, so I don't know about that.
  10. I think had I been on a cruise that allowed us to wander outside of the bubble, I may not have purchased the drinks package and just bought local wines to bring on board. Since our Viking Malta/Greek Isles cruise was in the bubble we could not explore on our own, so the drinks package made sense for us to be able to have full access to the wine and drinks list.
  11. You have to start from day one. We were first time Viking cruisers also, and went back and forth on the package. We decided to go for it. I'm glad we did. It made all the difference in not having to worry about what wine I wanted to drink, or having a cocktail before or after dinner. Typically I would just have wine at lunch and dinner and then a late afternoon cocktail. Plus a few pairings with the Chef's Table meals and I easily got my $ worth from the package.
  12. It is unfortunate that you are having a poor experience. We were on our first Viking cruise on the Venus and it was fabulous. Maybe because there were less than 200 passengers, but I really have never had that much attention. It was a brand new experience for me, having people attend to my every need. I'm so used to traveling on my end and taking care of everything.
  13. Thanks for the information here. We just finished a Viking ocean cruise and I'm looking at Oceania. Anyone have insights on how they compare?
  14. I rarely travel with jeans so it isn't an issue for me. They are just too heavy and take forever to get dry. (I usually am an independent traveler and just pack with a carryon.) Of course, it could be that women have many more options for clothing than men do. also, when I travel, I like to dress up just slightly more than I would normally do at home. Which isn't a lot, just I might wear skirts in the summer and nicer slacks in the winter.
  15. We had our first Viking cruise this August also. I think it was exactly what I needed. The past year or so has been a crazy year, especially for me at work. I needed a quiet place to relax and recharge while taking in a new part of the world. Maybe in normal times, it may have been too quiet. For now, it couldn't have been more perfect.
  16. Here is info on what KLM is doing because of the new designation as high risk: https://www.aerotime.aero/28799-KLM-drops-US-winter-routes?utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR08QsAAAireaY9jfjFrYS5p0zNHjV_NYKLKcRBD8P_940DyHnUpekPW2Ks
  17. This is the biggest mystery. Viking strongly recommended that we get the test as a backup in case any country requirements changed. The requirements have not changed. Unfortunately, I am seeing stories of people being denied boarding in the US for not having a PCR test, even though there is no reason/requirement for them to have it to enter the country (Germany, Malta, etc)
  18. Being from California, I’m also curious what people think of as California cuisine. We really enjoyed the entire meal. Everything cooked perfectly. We has SS package so enjoyed the wine pairings. Only thing I found interesting was the choice of background music for the California menu. Very ‘70s. we also enjoyed the other menus, especially the granitas. Very interesting flavors.
  19. I was stuffed after every chef's table meal. For one of the menus, the halibut portion was huge!
  20. Depending on the number of passengers, you can adjust your reservations on board. We ate there 3 nights and 3 nights at Manfredi’s.
  21. I am so impressed that people can actually start thinking about a cruise so far into the future! I can barely plan what I am doing the next month. We booked our Viking Venus Malta/Greek Isles trip this summer just about a month before going. I planned an independent land-based trip to Italy in 2015 within three months of traveling. I think I need to learn how to think further out!
  22. I was on the August 13 Greek Isles trip and Chania tour, when we couldn’t venture out at all. I felt sorry for our Chania tour guide that had to listen to one of our tour participants go on and on complaining that they couldn’t shop. We all knew what were getting into before we took the trip, so it was sad to hear people acting so upset.
  23. For all of Greece? Or is Crete operating differently? Very good news!
  24. You are on the ship I left on the 23rd. I agree it was worth it! And, from my conversations with the crew, they were definitely looking forward to having more passengers. I loved having my own private yacht (we had 178 passengers), but I could tell the crew probably wanted more to do. I miss my room steward and my wine stewards!
  25. I saw a few people do that on my excursions. I was impressed that people could decide what they wanted so quickly! I am a slow shopper, have to look at everything first. This was the first trip I came home with not one souvenir.
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