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  1. Thanks everyone for your responses. I absolutely positively was fully booked (and paid in full 😉) after FINALLY getting through to someone at carnival, it was apparently just some glitch with my email address. Go figure. thanks again everyone 👍
  2. I was just wondering, am I supposed to be receiving emails regarding my cruise? I booked at the beginning of June for an end of august cruise and haven’t received a single email regarding it, no confirmation or anything? Is this normal? thanks!!!!
  3. Everyone is so friendly and amazing and helpful. I love hearing everyone’s experiences, this is all so insightful. Big, huge thank you 😊
  4. I am in the same boat (figuratively speaking) what helped me was reading all the various lists online regarding tips and tricks and things you wouldn’t think to bring. They are super helpful.
  5. I was worried at the thought of having a cove balcony, since I love the view from the regular balcony, but after reading this list, I feel way better. If anyone else feels similarly, I recommend reading this, it’s really positive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/cruiseradio.net/5-ways-carnival-cove-balconies-are-unique/amp/
  6. My booking said the same thing, I called and they assured me it could be edited. At some point a bit closer, the option appeared to edit it from twin to king, which I did, no problem 🙂
  7. First cruise since childhood and because of my lack of a preference for location, I decided to go with a guarantee balcony room on the carnival horizon. Just curious what everyone’s experiences are with this class of cabin? Have you had completely obstructed balconies? I was told by the booking agent “almost all of the views are great” but, he’s also paid to book cruises. Anyway, please share your experiences. Thank you!!
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