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  1. One other thing to note. Besides the chocolate melting cake Carnival can not make a decent dessert. I’m not a big chocolate person but I do have a sweet tooth at night. Rest of their desserts are so bland and tasteless.
  2. Did ours via an app on iPhone. My phone is messed up and won’t download apps. Used my girlfriend phone but just had to log her out and me in.
  3. My 5th cruise with Carnival, last cruise in 2012. My girlfriend second cruise her first day was in 2011. So a lot of changes since our last cruise to say the least. Ships have changed pretty much for the better in my opinion. First time in a inside room. I smoke so always got a balcony since last I cruised you could still smoke on them. Only complaint about the room was it was very hot in the room. I’m fairly cold nature and had to sleep on top of the covers. I did go to guest services twice to report it and nothing was ever done. Food, well it’s very subjective, good about the same in the dining room and buffet. Loved the Italian restaurant best food on the cruise in my opinion. Worst for me was the deli, despite them nearly burning the bread on the Cubano Mixito it was cold in the middle and the bread so hard I actually chipped a tooth eating it. Chair hog situation hasn’t changed over the years either. We liked the new tequila and rum bars by the main pool. Although there was a group of women on a group cruise that took over the rum bar first sea day for most of the day and was nearly impossible to get a drink from there. I really wanted to try some of the craft beer from the Red Frog bar but they were out and only had the beers you could get at any of the bars. Took me three trips there to even get service. Staff was very friendly and they were constantly cleaning. Did not have cheers package on this cruise but I did buy $400 in cruise cash and had close to $200 left. Mostly because my girlfriend decided to eat two bowls of very hot sauce at our local Mexican restaurant the night before our cruise and paid for it with several days of heartburn. I booked this trip to celebrate her birthday and her stomach let us down. Booked an excursion through Carnival for the first time ever and feel like I overpaid for the excursion. A beach and lunch with drinks, but the drinks were only for 2 hours, beer was draft and nasty and frozen rum drinks very small and could not even taste any alcohol in them. Going back in March on the Vista and will return to Nachi Cocum, no more excursions through Carnival. Only reason I booked through them was due to COVID. Last thought, they need to change back to Coke products because rum and Pepsi is just gross.
  4. They only use the red thermometer, but it tastes weird.
  5. Would think if you can stream movies you should be able to it.
  6. Second Breakfast! I’m part hobbit also! 😂
  7. Wish I could, but I’ve been getting up at 4-5 am my entire adult life. I hit 4-5 hours of sleep and I’m awake. Also doesn’t help I worked 12,16 or 24 hour shifts my entire adult life.
  8. Guess I’ll be buying the internet package. I’m one of those that has to have the TV on to fall asleep.
  9. Cold pizza and warm beer, a bachelor’s breakfast!
  10. I’m a early riser, between 4am and 5 am. At home I eat within 30 minutes of waking up. Guess I’ll need to pack something to tide me over till then.
  11. Yes, posting before caffeine is never a good idea.
  12. Haven’t cruised since 2012. Can someone please tell me what time do they start breakfast ?
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