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  1. Hi there. Cabin 18118. We loved it. Except bathroom. Except the door stop on our bedroom door. The magnet on the wall that should hold the door open, it pulled the stop out of the door and there was this gigantic screw stuck to magnet. I told our stateroom host it would have sliced a child’s leg right open. I noticed it because the door would NOT stay open. And lastly. The shower head in the gorgeous big master bath leaked and sprayed water all over. But I’m sure it is all fixed now. 😉 Note: if you go in Room 18118 second bath and you hear water running in the wall, it’s not gonna flush. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Our first NCL cruise was on the Encore August 7 to Alaska. Loved every minute in The Haven. But I did find something very humorous. We had a 2 bedroom suite. The kids room was mine and my adult daughter’s. The toilet in the bathroom never flushed when you pushed the button. It was a daily and sometimes 3x a day visit from the plumber. Sometimes you would walk away and it would flush 15 min or so later. I did not expect any special treatment for this annoyance but I must say, if I would have had the same experience in Disney Concierge I would have received many calls, notes and some delicious treats for the inconvenience we were having.
  3. Hello. Loved the Alaska Encore sailing August 7!!! But I didn’t really pay attention to kids activities because we left them at home, lol. Can anyone advise if there are enough (free) activities for kids on the Encore? Hopefully our kids will be able to sail next year, so we are trying to decide Disney or NCL Encore for Alaska. thank you
  4. Sorry to answer your question, we paid to go in to town to shop and that included the return to the ship. NCL bused us to the lumberjack show and back to the ship no charge.
  5. We are Disney platinum cruisers and 8/7 was our first NCL and first Alaska cruise. You are going to love it. We had a blast! Definitely will sail NCL again. We loved the choice of restaurants and the Encore is a beautiful ship. Now about Ward Cove. We had 2 excursions planned for every port prior to Ketchikan, and planned to save that port for relaxing, shopping and supporting the local economy before the Great Lumberjack show in the afternoon. We took the 8.00 shuttle to town to shop and I asked NCl if we had to come back to the pier to meet up with our group for the lumberjack show (I would have preferred to stay in town and meet our group at the show), I was told no we had to come back to ward cove. So I allowed an 1.30 minutes to get back grab lunch and meet the tour. We didn’t have any time in town to explore many shops and no time to eat local. We walked straight to Creek Street. Saw it walked back to shuttle, headed back to ward cove. thankfully there were delicious sandwiches for sale in the warehouse, we gobbled those down and got in line for shuttle to lumber jack show, (which was so funny I loved it). after the show we were mandated to get back to the buses quick, no time to shop. I was thankful there were a few places to shop in the warehouse like the Ketchi candies (delicious) and Harley tshirts etc. Places I wanted to visit downtown but no time to do so. If we get to go back I’m not planning any excursions so I can spend the time exploring this wonderful quaint town. Hope this helps.
  6. As Haven guests do we get a lanyard for our key card? NCL newbie here. Thank you.
  7. Thanks for the tips on the Nespresso machine pods. I would love to find Maxwell House original roast for it 🤣. I’m thinking a carafe of brewed coffee from the butler will fit the bill!
  8. I have never used a Nespresso machine. Can I find coffee pods to bring on board for it that are for good ol “brewed coffee” flavor?
  9. you are fabulous thank you so much!! I’ll add the other 2 guests to the dining plan ! I called NCL this morning and got a duh Just wait til your on board and see what you prefer! You told me exactly what I needed to know! Happy Trails!
  10. Thank you for that info! Would you happen to know if it’s a better value to purchase the specialty dining. Or ala carte pricing We aren’t super big eaters and can always get dessert in the Haven. (I assume lol).
  11. First time sailing NCL, we received 2 free at sea specialty dining. We are sailing in the Haven, should we purchase 2 more specialty dining before we sail for our party of 4? thank you
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