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  1. I have asked, American said I cannot do any changes because it is a code share with BA and they do not have any American Operated flights from LHR and NCL said we can't do anything because we are within their allowed guidance. We also received another flight change notice from NCL today, but the information was all the same....assuming the system was just catching up from before. American does have a flight an hour earlier, I may try to get to the airport a few hours earlier and ask! Thankfully they did say that bags will be checked through and we should be able to check in for everything. My biggest concern is if they will be checking the covid test status there, we will absolutely do it, but another manual check point will just add more time.
  2. Hi All, I appreciate any feedback / help anyone can provide with my questions! A little background, we are scheduled to sail on the Jade on the 8/8/21 sailing and are very excited!! We took advantage of the NCL flight booking service and the flights we've been assigned leave a bit to be desired (leave BOS at 9 pm, 1 hour, 10 minute layover in London, and scheduled to land in Athens at 4:10 pm). I have called a few times but each time have been told that we will be there with plenty of time. My concern is that if anything goes wrong on the flight over, we may miss our connection, and since the airport is about 45 minutes from the port in Athens we are not leaving a ton of room for error. I was also told that if we were to miss the boat due to the flight issues that we could work with the insurance for the cruise to get our money back and they will not be allowing people to get on at another port. I also asked if NCL will pay for our covid test to board our flight to London and was told that they would be only doing the testing at the pier (not the end of the world, but just wanted to include it if anyone is in the same boat). We are concerned about the US putting Great Britain on the red list, but I am hoping this does not impact anything. My question are, has anyone had any luck getting their flights changed under the 20 day mark (14 days at this point, We were told we would not have been able to ever change our flights since we booked under 90 days)? Also, do you have any experience with the NCL shuttles from the airport to cruise port, do they run them frequently? Thank you!
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