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  1. Montego Bay is one of our ports in July. We have 16 in our party. Can someone explain Hop on Hop Off?
  2. I am also curious. We sail in July, group of 16 on Carnival Freedom, ages 2-65, and we don't have an excursion planned in Montego Bay.
  3. I am going on my 4th cruise in July and I have overpacked on the previous three and I fear I will on the upcoming one as well, although hoping I won't. On the previous cruises, I took my suit as a carry on so I had it for formal night with the tie and without the tie for the second less dressy dinner. I also took a pair of khakis for the other dinners. I brought 3 polos with me the first three times. No suit this time but taking 2 khakis and a nice button up to wear with a tie on "cruise ship prom night". I do plan on taking 2-3 different casual button shirts (kind of like what Charlie Sheen wore on Two and a Half Men). Other than that 5 pairs of shorts, 3-4 socks, enough underwear for 2 per day, both bathing suits, flip flops. I will wear my sneakers on embarkation day (saves on room in the bag) and might wear windpants on embarkation day so I have those handy if need be. Shaving Kit with toiletries (toothbrush, razor, deodorant, toothpaste) Kindle Sunscreen After Burn Spray (it is inevitable) Dress Shoes Belt Phillies hat (always) sunglasses
  4. Paradise Beach is nice. You have to take a cab and pay to enter since it is a private beach but they have inflatables to jump on and off of, and chairs, and a restaurant. Been there twice.
  5. I stayed at the Motel 6 at Exit 1. Nice hotel but kind of steep for a Motel 6. Still a better price than some.
  6. Check hotel rates in La Marque and/or Texas City then pay to park while on the cruise. You might come out ahead.
  7. I have used EZ Cruise twice before but the one right across the street sounds like it might better. I know EZ Cruise is now offering a no shuttle walk to and from the port.
  8. Two weeks from today will be my third cruise and also my honeymoon cruise with my new wife. We live 10 hours from Galveston and will be driving. We will leave the day before and spend the night in Galveston.
  9. I used EZ Cruise on my last cruise a few years back and it was so easy. Using EZ Cruise for my cruise in 3 weeks as well. Book it early online and save some money. http://ezcruiseparking.com/
  10. We stayed there pre-cruise in 2004 and it was OK then. Not fancy by any means. I have stayed in better hotels. Hell I have stayed in worse hotels. A lot worse. We stayed there because they had a package deal where you stay the night and park there for the week for free. It was our first cruise and we had heard the parking at the cruise terminal was pricey. The second year I don't recall where we stayed. It was a resort though. And we parked at EZ Cruise.
  11. On my first cruise during one of the sea days we were sitting around the pool and it started raining. Everyone in the pool and on the deck ran for the indoor pool. I got in the outdoor pool. I figured I was getting wet anyway. The cruise director got on the microphone and said it would pass rather quickly then called it "liquid sunshine".
  12. The volume in the buffet didn't so much bother me last year on Elation as much as selection. It was on the "All Brian Adams-All The Time" channel. Either that or someone forgot to buy a new CD when in port.
  13. Always the late seating. The latest if there are two late seatings. We don't want to have to rush to get things done before the early. Plus less kids.
  14. After wading through all 52 pages of this thread I have plenty added to my list including the secret door. :cool: As far as pictures go, get your picture taken everywhere there is a photo station on formal nights. Our first cruise (on RC) we only took one on the first formal night. My wife liked it but we waited until the second formal night. That one was OK but my wife wasn't crazy about it. We tried to find the first one and it was no where to be found. We never did find it. So we bought the 2nd one begrudgingly because we wanted one of us dressed up. Last year on Carnival, we took pictures at every station on both formal nights. And we got the black and white picture. I told my wife just the other day that I thought it was the best pic we had ever taken. The second formal night we got our picture taken on the staircase. Mind you there was no crowd. After the picture, I took out my sunglasses from my jacket and the photographer took my picture looking rather GQ on the stairs. She then stopped my wife from taking the picture too. I wanted my wife to take the pic as a joke for this pro wrestling company I was working for and the photographer took the picture first then stopped my wife. It was the freaking staircase and again there wasn't a crowd. We went back to the stairs later that night and got the picture anyway. Then just to be spiteful we went around and took each other's picture in front of their backdrops. The funniest thing from the last cruise was when we got to Cozumel and we got pics taken with locals dressed an Incans. We got off the Elation and my friend got his picture taken with the Incan from the other Carnival ship in port. Which means that pic stayed up in their photo gallery with no chance of getting purchased. Hilarious!
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