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  1. Same here, we love our KC Chiefs. We will be sailing in October. Hubby has dreamed of watching football while cruising. Go Chiefs!
  2. Thank you again. I commend you for having the nerve to cruise solo. If I ever have the opportunity I hope that I have the guts to do it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your review and pictures just added to the enjoyment.
  3. Thank you so much for the wonderful review. You had mentioned that you ate at Cagney's, was the the only speciality restuarant that you ate at? If you ate at others how would you rate them and how would you rate Cagney's vs the MDR? Did you feel that the dining package was worth the extra money?Did you do the Cirque Fanatasy or did you hear opinions of others? Did you have to make reservations to the shows or were they easy to get in? Thank you again.
  4. Ditto. And always search for good deals on cruises. You never know when a good deal will show up. You may get to cruise earlier than anticipated:)
  5. Is it feasible to take subway/bus from LGA to Times Square hotel with carry on luggage? DH & I both will have 2 carry on suitcases each. Thoughts or recommendations appreciated.
  6. What is the earliest flight that you have ever booked off of the Breakaway departing NYC Laguardia airport on Sunday? I know they recommend noon or later. Seams like noon could be pushing it a little...Thoughts?
  7. I could not find them on the site above..... Any suggestions?
  8. Can a person purchase the UBP after they board ship? If so what is the cost per day? Can a person purchase the package say on day 3 of the cruise? Trying to figure how the package is marketed, weighing if it would be worth it. Anyone know what a bucket of beer costs? Of does anyone have a bar menu that you could post? We are taking our 2nd cruise on NCL BA out of NYC for DH 60th bday. We will be celebrating a little bit:p
  9. Hey, We just booked this itinerary and date! This will be our first cruise out of NYC. Looking forward to it!
  10. We arrive earlier afternoon. Will need a light dinner. Always want to get the best value for the dollar, luxury hotel not necessary.
  11. Does anyone know if any holes offer free shuttle to cruise terminal from Newark, NJ?
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