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  1. A family member that was on the cruise with us flew back into Miami and picked up the car at our hotel (park,sleep,fly). They have the car at their house until we could get someone to drive the 15+ hour trip back home for us. Fortunately, we didn’t incur an extra parking fee.
  2. At this point I am thankful he was flown directly home since he now has had symptoms that have been bad. We’ve already made an urgent care visit and the ER also. Even with the Pfizer vaccine he is much sicker than a bad cold. We think that Royal made the right moves getting us off and unfortunately quarantine our group (everyone else still is negative and doing well). Royal was required to send us directly home per the Covid protocol established with the CDC and Bahamas. My husband ended up getting pneumonia on one side and I got a sinus infection as a result of Covid. It was a doozy and we are both are still recovering and doing better now. As of yesterday the whole family has tested negative (7 days after I tested positive and 6 days after my husband tested positive). Some people have asked about our car. The Travel Guard Preferred travel insurance policy was absolutely no help with getting our car back. Since we HAD to fly from the Bahamas directly to our home several states away we have been unable to retrieve our parked car in Ft Lauderdale. We are buying a family member a plane ticket to Florida to drive it back to us and then flying that person back to their home state. It was a huge bummer the travel insurance was no assistance. They offered to help us set up a transport for $1,045 but would not pay any part of it. They said they have never heard of this type of situation before and the policy doesn’t cover it. Everyone is going to make their own decisions about what is right for their family. For us, we do not regret taking this cruise. We could’ve picked up Covid anywhere….it is just the times we are living in. Royal really stepped up for us and we are so thankful. We are fully aware that this VIP treatment is NOT happening with other cruise lines. The AOS was absolutely amazing with so many open spaces and the low capacity was very much noticed. The staff was incredibly helpful and always asking for feedback. CocoCay and even Cozumel were empty….just empty everywhere we went. It was such an awesome experience. Thanks again for ALL of the kind comments and positive feedback.
  3. We used a policy from a cancelled Alaska 2020 cruises purchased from insuremytrip.com. Our company was Travel Guard. They also said that Covid was treated as any other illness.
  4. We were in Cozumel the same day as the Edge but not in Freeport. I think the additional transports were also from hotel guests. Not sure. They just state there were 10 transports leaving Freeport that day. My jet had done one to Tampa before getting me.
  5. I will have to look into it. The tickets were in the name of my niece and nephew since we were treating them to some fun in Orlando but cancelled the whole trip because of our situation. I figured insurance would only cover it if it was for the four of us that were insured. Thanks.
  6. Thank you! I hope you had a fabulous cruise. We were amazed at how empty the ship and ports felt wherever we went. It truly was an awesome trip overall.
  7. I am so glad your husband and daughter are nearby and have been able to provide food and necessities. That would be a huge challenge if you had been separated and on your own. I hope your travel insurance will pick up all of these costs. Good thing you have it. It is very interesting how different cruise lines are addressing the positive cases that are bound to happen. Best wishes for a smooth and quick recovery so you can get back home!!
  8. My spouse tested positive 24 hours after testing negative on a rapid and pcr test. He was sent home on a different jet after I had already left the ship. The first one didn’t have room for my family of 4.
  9. They said it was a requirement with the CDC protocols to repatriate us directly to our home.
  10. Oh no. I am so sorry to hear that. That is terrible. Are they paying for the hotel quarantine at some point? I am glad you are in the US quarantining and not stuck on an island somewhere. The medical transport was saying Cozumel hospitals are bad right now for example. How are you getting food or medical care if needed? How long do you have to wait to fly back to Connecticut or driving back?
  11. I have no idea how many were tested as this was something Royal offered for free to meet the requirement for reentry in to the US. I just know we had 1200 on board and 7 tested positive (once my spouse was retested a third time 24 hrs later).
  12. We were in this position and the cruise line is required to fly you home directly even if you have a car at the port. In our case our home was several states away from Florida. We asked to go to Florida and drive directly home and was told that was not allowed.
  13. My spouses transport also did not have the stretcher but they explained how they would adapt it if needed. That jet seated 8 and was roomier whereas ours seated 3-4 plus the stretcher.
  14. We heard from Travel Guard that what Royal did was amazing and not something they have been hearing. They have the disclaimer but they also said it would be covered for trip interruption and are considering Covid as a regular illness. We are out several hundred dollars for air and amusement tickets we had to cancel for flying in a niece/nephew to Florida for the day we were supposed to disembark. Since the tickets weren’t for us we are going to have to eat it but it is a small cost considering the situation. Thank you.
  15. Also, some asked about being in a small plane….I was nervous about that but was pleasantly surprised. The jet took off and landed smoothly. The whole flight was smooth and didn’t feel shaky at all. It was snug in our jet with the medical stretcher but more leg room and wider seats than commercial flights! It was also a quicker flight home than commercial and you don’t have any lines to deal with because no one wants you to come near them!
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