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  1. Thanks all for the tips! I think I will prebook one day and leave the other one for a port day special.
  2. Nikki, Thanks for the menus and l think DH will be fine with the selection. I greatly appreciate it...can't wait to cruise the Meraviglia!
  3. Thanks for the review! Do you know what beer was available on easy package?
  4. Both hubby and I have easy package included with booking but was wondering what type of beer is included? Hubby really likes Michelob Ultra but not sure that its included. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info...so its safe to say that with pre-booking that includes tip or is that extra? I have always tipped but that's because I have never pre-booked.
  6. Hi we will be traveling on Meraviglia on 12/15/19 should I pre-book spa services or will there be better deals while onboard? Any advice is greatly welcomed.
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