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  1. We just returned on the Silhouette last Sunday and for some reason we did not even disembark directly into a terminal. We had to walk, what seemed like a 1/4 of a mile, to get to the terminal where our luggage was. It was very cold and extremely windy. No explanation was given for this - it was really hard on the elderly. This was the last impression we had of an otherwise wonderful cruise.

  2. we just returned from a 7 day on the Getaway. On all three stops we backed in, so the port side was facing the port - St. Thomas, St. Maarten and Nassau. I actually liked the view better on the starboard side, especially in St. Maarten.

    Also, the Getaway had fireworks one night that you would be able to view from your balcony if you were on the port side.

  3. Just returned from the 1/17 cruise on the Getaway. This was our first time on NCL. Some observations: boarding was very slow - only one line unless you are a Haven passenger. At 1 pm we were told rooms were still not ready. We went to The Taste dining room. Not crowded at all, but very slow service - food was just so so. There are two sets of elevators - forward and aft. The atrium does not have elevators. We had a midship mini suite cabin on the 13th deck (yes, 13). The room is identical to a regular balcony except for the bathroom. The mini suite gives you a larger bathroom - double sink and shower with 6 heads! The balcony was very small - about 3 ft. x 8. Hardly any room for the 2 chairs and small table. On the plus side, there was an abundance of places to store your belongings.


    The food was hit and miss. The buffet was great for breakfast with made to order omelets. Ice cream (both soft serve and dipped) was available all day from lunch on. I understand crepes were available every night (we did not eat in the buffet at night.) We ate in the Tropicana Main dining room as well as the two satellite dining rooms - Savor and Taste. We found the main dining room to be very noisy and in addition, they had entertainment, which made it even noisier. We never had a wait to get into any of the dining rooms without a reservation. It truly was freestyle and very casual. We ate at Sheehans Pub a couple of times and enjoyed it. We also ate at Moderno's (the Brazilian steakhouse). Did not think it was worth the extra charge unless you were a huge carnivoire. Our best meal was at the Illusionarium. This dinner show should not be missed. Get there 30-45 minutes before your reservation to get the best tables.


    Entertainment was outstanding (except for Legally Blond). Comedy shows and Burn the floor were great. There was also a group called Groove International that played most nights in the Atrium - they were wonderful. The Atrium was kind of a catchall for things like the Newlywed Show, Dance Contests, talks, movies, cupcake decorating, etc. There wasn't much seating in the atrium - they would bring in folding chairs in addition to the seating already there - which I have to say was very uncomfortable. Actually, I don't think there was a comfortable chair on the ship. Also in the Atrium are two bars which made the sound level horrible. At one point we were watching a movie (with subtitles) and one of the kids groups came marching by singing camp songs!


    The casino was kind of spread out and had a little of everything. Although the slots were not very current by casino standards. They also had a small buffet set up in the casino.


    We had fireworks one night. they were shot off the port side, so you could watch from your balcony on that side of the ship. Also, the ship backed in at each port, so port side was always facing the port.


    The Getaway had an area on the 8th deck (I think) called the waterfront. The waterfront had a lot of little seating areas (once again - not comfortable), a few bars and seating for some of the specialty restaurants. Very nice touch.


    It was always easy to find a restroom - they were everywhere.


    If I can answer any questions - just let me know.

  4. Of all the shows on the Getaway, Legally Blond is the only one I did not like. We arrived about 10 minutes before showtime and had to sit off to the side. The sound was horrible. Could not understand a word they were saying. The speakers just did not carry to the sides of the theater. Also, some of the action was obscured by the scenery - not a pleasant experience.

  5. We just returned from a 10-day Princess cruise that included Bonaire. We were lucky to come upon Farid and his wife Susy. They have 2 12-passenger yellow vans - air conditioned and comfortable. As others have said, Farid was very entertaining. There really isn't a whole lot to see on the Island, but Farid made the trip so enjoyable. We did get to see wild donkeys, goats and those big lizards. At one of our stops he called to the smaller lizards and they came in droves for a bite of a banana. I even got an aloe treatment - I had no idea he was going to put it on my hair - great conditioner! He charged $25.00 for about a 2-hour tour of the north side of the island. Just look for the bright yellow vans when you get off the ship. His card says Ayubi's Tours and Taxi Service. e-mail is taxi7_farid@yahoo.com. :)

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