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  1. smoothy

    Teen Soda "bar" on the Equinox

    Yeah, true that. DS's first cruise using the X-Club was this past holiday on the Reflection and I just asked him, he said there was no soda bar in the club. He didn't seem too broken up about it though.
  2. smoothy

    TIpping in Luminae

    I was going to use that form on my last cruise to give a little extra to the Luminae staff, but the guest relations guy said that the tips on those forms go to the MDR staff and not to the Luminae, even if that is where you eat all the time. I was unsure about that so I went back to relations a different time and got the same info. I ended up doing a cash advance (royal suite so I didn't have to pay the cash advance fee in the casino) and tipping the Luminae staff directly.
  3. smoothy

    Kids on Celebrity

    We have 3 boys, 14, 11, and 5. All 3 love cruising on X, especially the fun factory (teen club for the oldest one, its the only place he doesn't seem to be surly these days). They have been on 6 cruises with Celebrity (2 which were b2b), and have had a great time whether there were few other kids on board or a full house.
  4. Thanks for the tips, I'll look up London Toolkit.
  5. We may end up doing that, I was hoping though to cover it all in one swoop and avoid having to wrangle 4 preteens and a toddler :)
  6. In July family and I (10 in the group)are booked on Celebrity Eclipse sailing out of Southampton. We are flying in 2 days before the cruise. My original plan was to transfer directly to Southampton and get over jet lag a couple of days before we sail. I've since had a request to see if a quick tour of London is possible. What I had in mind was to stay near LHR for the first night, book a transfer early the next day to go via London (2 hour driving tour there maybe?) and then on to our Southampton hotel. The group has a toddler and an older person who can only walk limited distances so taking the train/tube to London for walking tours would be difficult. Is this plan feasible? I don't know what traffic is like (thus how long it would all take) or if transfer services would charge an arm and a leg. There seem to be a limited number of operators who can accommodate 10 in one vehicle, due to stricter licensing etc., but if anyone can recommend a company it would be appreciated.
  7. smoothy

    Gifts of RCCL

    Yes, my sons got lanyards on each RCL cruise when we signed up for AO. They even punch the card at the same time so it can be attached right away (no more lost cards!)