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  1. Just looked at the SAGA included insurance for our the Northern Islands trip on 3rd July which includes the the following statement "This means that we will also cover the associated costs to return you back home following you actually falling ill with a coronavirus on your trip"
  2. We are booked on the SoD for the July 3rd "Northern Isles to the Fjords" cruise on 3rd July. Used the re-booking bonus to upgrade to a mid ship suite which apparently includes " full butler service". Has anyone experienced the services of a SAGA butler?
  3. Received a letter today from SAGA today concerning our upcoming cruise on Spirit of Discovery, due to sail on 17th June 2021, which included the following statement. "In the light of the ever changing situation we now find ourselves in, I wanted to offer you a little peace of mind and am pleased to advise you that if you have not already done so, you do not need to pay your balance at this time." I would have thought that SAGA would be keen to have the money so that I might be persuaded to roll the booking forward to another cruise. Anyone else had a similar
  4. The Caronia (originally named Vistafjord) launched on the Tyne in 1972, was the last ocean liner to be built in the UK. She was renamed Saga Ruby when owned by SAGA. The Saga Rose was originally named Sagafjord, built in France in 1965. She was renamed by SAGA when purchased from Cunard . I have happy memories of cruises on both the Ruby and the Rose.
  5. According to Cruise Mapper Saga Sapphire sailed at midnight and is steaming at 6 Kn off the south coast heading for Gibraltar.
  6. Thank you that's perfect as it is the included insurance I have a query with.
  7. I require an e-mail address for SAGA insurance queries. I notice that some contributors have had e-mail answers from SAGA so would be obliged if thet could share the address with me. Thankyou in anticipation
  8. I booked acruise back in December 2019 to be taken in May 2020. In March 2020 I ttransferred the booking to a cruise for June 2021. The booking No did not change. I phoned SAGA this morning for some clarification and was assured that the insurance taken out in December 2019 would roll over to the re-booked cruise. I am not convinced and will be asking for some written confirmation.
  9. We received our weekly SAGA mail this morning which included a leaflet on preregistration which indicated that 2021 cruises will go on sale 23rd March. I phoned and paid the £90 and was told that I would be contacted by phone before the 23rd March to choose a cruise and book if required. The brochure will not be distributed before 23rd March.
  10. It is the front to back that is the problem even for the average height male. Whilst on board I met the headquarters based Hotel Director Horst Pint who agreed there is a problem with the furniture which was being addressed.
  11. I was on the Norway Rocks cruise and agree with Glenndales summary of the cruise and as an existing SAGA customer see no reason to change aliegiance. One thing I was impressed with was the treatment I recieved when suffered from a "tummy wobble". I was confined to my cabin for 24 hours, had visits from the nurse and given necessery medication as well as advice on a suitable diet. Unfortunately this coincided with formal evening and resulted in me having clear soup and crackers watching my wife eating Haddock and Lobster. There was no cost for the medical treatment.
  12. I find that an ageist remark.
  13. Who is the Cruise Director on the current cruise? We are due to join the ship on 26th September and the cruise booklet gives the Cruise Director to be John Parton whois probably one of the best SAGA cruise Directors.
  14. Would those who prefer to dine alone decline an invitation to dine with captain or any othe ships Officer on formal night?
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