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  1. It seems the same price to book the Crabfishing tour via the Princess website vs via the Costco shore excursion website vs via the Alaska Crab Tour website. I guess I am kind of leaning towards doing the kayaking my DH wants to do in Skagway via taking the ferry to Haines and either kayaking on the lake or in the ocean. Any opinions on which of those is better? Maybe do a whale watch in Juneau and then explore the town and take on of the short hikes to the glacier.
  2. I haven't been on a NCL ship since my honeymoon in 2008, so all this about The Haven is new to me 🙂 I am considering booking a trip in July 2023 on NCL Prima from Rekyavik to Southhampton. My 2 kids will be age 9 and 12 at that time. I'm trying to decide whether or not to pay the extra money for a Haven 2 bedroom villa vs a non-Haven family suite. The price difference is substantial, but I am not a very patient person and I don't love crowds (even pre-COVID). So being in a less crowded restaurant, having a bar to go to that is not crowded, getting on/off the ship quickly, and not having to jockey for space outside to watch the scenery sounds appealing. But reading/watching some Youtube reviews, it seems like the Haven sundeck on the Prima is limited to 16+? Is there another outdoor place where Haven passengers of all ages can go to avoid crowds? Or will the benefit then just be the restaurant and butler service? With that itinerary we won't be swimming/sunbathing but it would be nice to be able to see the ship come into port, etc. Anything else I should be aware of? Sorry if these are silly questions!
  3. The eagle feeding is on the crab fishing excursion? I didn't see that listed in the description. That's even more appealing then..
  4. We are booked on the Sapphire Princess from Whittier to Vancouver July 30, 2022. My DH and I (early 40s) are going with our 2 kids (ages 11 and 8 then) and my parents (early 70s, in good health, active). Kids are good and can usually handle moderate activities but haven't been tested in different time zones in a long time. My father and I are huge photo buffs. Could spend the week hunting for scenery and wildlife to photograph. The others...not so much. No one wants to get on a helicopter or small plane. My DH wants to kayak at least once. Everything sounds good to my kids right now, I'm not sure how they'll feel 10 days into a trip (we are also doing Denali before the cruise). Price is never NOT a consideration, but we aren't buying souvenirs and have budgeted to take some once-in-a-lifetime excursions. Skagway - am considering taking the ferry to Haines and doing one of the boating excursions. Kayaking on Chilkat lake vs. Rafting through the eagle preserve (though some reviews said there weren't many eagles) vs. kayaking in the inside passage. Any advice which to pick? Juneau - would like to see the Mendenhall Glacier but doesn't seem like we need a tour to do this. Same for tram. There are also kayaking or rafting excursions but not sure if those are better than the ones in Skagway or not? Should we do a specific whale watching tour or will we see enough whales from the cruise ship to be bored of them? Ketchikan - the Bering Sea fisherman's tour seems to get good reviews, but seems pricey for what it is. Fishing sounds fun but not sure what one actually does with the fish afterwards? There are a variety of zodiac/inflatable tours but not sure if that's going to be too much small boating. Looked at taking the ferry to Misty Fjords but didn't seem to get great reviews, and don't want to do the plane after the recent accident. Thanks in advance for any recommendation!
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