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  1. Gotcha - just asked Brandon here in the gym and his answer is not on this cruise. I got the impression from him these things are decided cruise to cruise right now. added note - he did say if anyone purchases anything extra and it’s closed that cruise - the money is refunded to your onboard account and if you don’t spend it it’s refunded to your card at the end of the cruise.
  2. Yup. I take my pre dinner drink over to dinner and then they grab a wine for me with dinner.
  3. I don’t think they are doing any of the extras in the spa. Meaning usually when we get on we do the “free spa tour” where they try to sell all their magical cures - and we do it just so we can see the “sex pool” room and giggle like 8 year olds… and enter the free raffle. (If you never have done a spa tour, there is a couples room in the spa with a “love tub”…. Ergo the sex pool name) we did it this time just to see if there would be the free raffle since fewer people would mean better odds. no tour and no raffle. They never once mentioned the sauna, the hot chair room or the sex pool… so while the spa is open for services for vaccinated guests I don’t think the add on packages for the extra facilities are available…
  4. We talked to the concierge this morning… The earlier post is correct - 1520 passengers on board. That said suites are basically fully booked. So the physical distancing in the lounge and costal kitchen has made it challenging for some people I guess. we booked our dinner reservations for costal when we got the concierge email so have had no issues… but this morning when we went to eat breakfast at about 9:15 after the gym - they told us we just missed a waiting line!
  5. This was our very first question when we got on board!!! It is and here’s how it works: If you are unvaccinated- you MUST make reservations between 6-7:30am or 7-8:30pm and masks are mandatory if you are vaccinated- 8am - 7pm is same as any other cruise - show up - take off your mask and grunt away! And like every other cruise - day 1 the place is packed, day 2 busy, day 3 (today) like 5 other people… (this is at 8am sharp) They also are running a class scheduled and that’s all vaccinated
  6. Nope. That’s the point! 🙂 Now here’s my first complaint of the cruise - and I kinda expected this anyhow. last night was formal night 1… one of our favorite activities on formals is to sit on the Promenade and people watch (pro tip : ladies - if you are gonna wear nice shoes- practice before the cruise) anyhow - many people in formal attire were walking around without masks…. Now personally I don’t care. But… my wife and I were just sitting there watching and had our masks off… and for some reason I got singled out - RCL crew came over and told me to mask up because I was not in a vaccinated area and not eating or drinking. I didn’t argue - they are doing their job - but if they are going to enforce this masking stuff - they need to do it universally… We just got up and went somewhere else.
  7. Day 1 the lounge and CC are always crazy. Same this time. Day 2 things have chilled out a lot. seems about the same as every other cruise honestly. food has been great so far!
  8. AQUATHEATER IS UP AND RUNNING!!! Announced today it’s a go for day 5 and 6 - and they were practicing today! Yea - masks anywhere indoors when in transit. If you are in a “v lounge” it’s vaccinated- and masks can come off. I’ll post a list of the vaccinated places later when CC isn’t being broken like it has been on and off all day. there is a list on the RCL site as well if the vaccinated only venues. outside masks are not required.
  9. Dazzles is a challenge with the social distance seating. Karaoke last night was a small audience because of the seating situation and it didn’t look like the second floor was open. Boleros was popin last night for sure!
  10. Oddly enough the only bar we have found you can’t sit at is the one in the suite lounge!!! The pub, Central Park, scooners, etc all let you belly up.
  11. There are only 1700 guests - so even with the social distancing there seems to be decent availability at all the venues and restaurants. now as the week goes on things might get tighter but so far no issues getting pretty much anything you want!
  12. Checkin is totally different than pre-plague era. no suite line - everyone goes through the same process. that said for all the document checks and their process it went really well… for only 1700-ish guests!
  13. Myself and @luckyfincruiserare on Allure right now and will be watching this AMA (ask me anything) thread to answer as many of your questions as we can over the week! We are in a Crown Loft Suite so can answer suite questions as well. What do you want to know?!?
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