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  1. Yes, that exactly what I have. Did you already use that pdf? Was it accepted? Did RCL just take a look or they can confirm it's validity somehow?
  2. My third topic about this crazy times🤪 Got the negative results by voicemail and in CVS online MyChart RCL says - "You must receive a valid results document from your test provider that includes provider name, your name, the date the test was taken, type of test, and your negative result. This can be a printed document, email, or telehealth app notification. Handwritten doctor’s notes will not be accepted." https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go So there is no email or telehealth app but I can print the page as PDF. Is that acceptable? How in the world RCL is going to validate it?
  3. What a wonderful business model! So it means that if Walgreens or CVS screwed up and don't send the results, ppl lose thousands?
  4. Ok some clarity on '3 days' - "For sailings that require a pre-cruise test, you will be asked to take the test no more than 3 days before your sail date. How to calculate “3 days before”: The day you set sail is not included as one of the days. So for example, if you are setting sail on a Saturday, you can take your test on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday before." Source - https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
  5. Reading row 1 - sooooo it's 3 days for not vaccinated but 2 for vaccinated? Dang, how to revert a vaccination shot 🤪? Asking for a friend 😁
  6. I just called RCL with the simple question - what happens if our PCR test appointment in Walgreens got cancelled and we won't be able to provide test results on our sailing day? The answer was - no problem, we'll test you at the pier. Sounds promising but I do not see any info about it on their website...
  7. Hi all, I was reading through the official paperwork RCL shared with us... "Pre-Cruise: Within 3 days of your sailing’s departure date and before your arrival to the terminal, all guests 2 years and older are required to present a negative COVID-19 Test Result (antigen or PCR.) Proper documentation like, printed negative test results or negative test results presented on your phone from an accredited laboratory" So if the cruise departs at 7pm on Sun 12th, what does 'within 3 days' exactly mean? After 7pm Thu? Last we did a test in Walgreens it arrived in 2 business day which will be Monday in this case. Do other forum members have plan B? Like making an extra appointment for rapid tests ($190 each, sigh)? Also not sure what qualifies for 'accredited laboratory'
  8. Yeah, looks like the best I can do is to buy a plastic holder and keep it with my passport. And hoping for the best... Thank you all for replies!
  9. Hi all, I'm vaccinated and have that small piece of paper with handwritten info which somehow is called CDC vaccination record card. No signatures, stamps - nothing. Question - how does RCL validate this beauty at the terminal before onboarding? Is there any way to upload it on their website to get validated upfront? Cruisin gin Sep from FL (Allure). I'm very concerned about being denied onboarding due to their inability to validate. Thank you!
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