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  1. We just got our FCC from an April 4 cancelled cruise. Port fees were refunded a couple of weeks before signaling that the cruise credit might be coming soon.
  2. April 4 sail date that they cancelled. Haven't seen FCC or fees refunded.
  3. We loved this balcony, but we're tall. Shortest is my daughter at 5'7" and she didn't have a problem with it. mama, you've commented on my review, so you already know we loved this cabin. I hope you do, too!
  4. Has anyone booked their 17yo on a cruise where they turned 18 on the cruise? Were you charged the teen amount or an adult amount? The site says it's age at "time of travel". I'm hoping that means the first day of travel.
  5. The April 4th cruise was a 6-night originally. Now it's showing again and is a 7-night. There's a 7-night cruise listed starting on April 10th and another leaving on April 11th. There's some confusion going on....
  6. What I gathered on the Seaside is that they won't tell you anything is GF unless it has been prepared in the GF section of the kitchen and officially certified as GF. That's different than other lines because MSC is so diligent about GF being an Italian cruise line (other lines present as gluten-friendly but aren't as meticulous). Once I figured that out, I started making my own decisions. If you cook, you have a reasonable idea of what is GF and what may be dangerous for you. On the buffet, I asked the chefs on the line if I didn't know and they were great about helping me. If it was something they weren't sure about, I stayed away. I only had 1 problem in the buffet and that was on me because I didn't ask before eating it. Not having any GF pizza was a disappointment, but I get plenty of GF pizza normally with the widespread availability of GF and cauliflower crusts now. I don't get fresh bread or freshly made pasta often, so I was thrilled enough with that to make up for not having pizza. It sounds like the Divina doesn't serve the fresh GF bread with meals which would be a big disappointment. While I loved the prepackaged pastries the first few days, they got old toward the end of the cruise.
  7. We want to use our 125% credit on the April 4th, 2021 Meraviglia sailing, but it's not on the MSC site any longer. Any idea why? It was there a week ago.
  8. Celebrity was our preferred line before we sailed the Seaside last year. We had the Aurea package and dined in the MDR. We all felt the food was comparable to Celebrity, and the food was one of the reasons we'd preferred Celebrity. The pasta and risotto were incredible. That extends to the gluten-free pastas for me. We loved the buffet as well. We've cruised with our kids (teenagers now) on Royal, too. They feel like MSC is a great blend of the fun features on Royal and the food and European feel of Celebrity. We're booked for YC in the upcoming cruise. But we'd cruise again on the Aurea package.
  9. We sailed in the Aurea 2-bedroom suite last spring break and loved it. But that was under the old Aurea drink package that included gelato. If we could have had that again, we would book the Aurea experience over and over. But with that change, we've booked YC for the next cruise. It will be test for us whether service and drink package are more valuable than space. We're a large family with the shortest being my 13yo daughter at 5'7", so space matters.
  10. It's possible that it's the number of people in the cabin that's causing it to show as sold out. I had a panic moment when I put in 4 and saw all were gone. If I changed to 5, there were rooms available. The rooms that fit 4 were gone, but the ones that fit 5 weren't.
  11. I'd seen some experiences where the upgrade to Premium Plus seemed to take away the YC designation and therefore took away gelato outside of the YC. I can't remember if drinks in Venchi were included. Our focus with kids is on the gelato. I wasn't sure if that had been resolved yet. Are you saying that they've changed it so that Premium Plus now allows free gelato on Seaside if you're also in YC?
  12. Is the upgrade to Premium Plus still overriding the YC access to Venchi on the Seaside?
  13. We didn't see this on our cruise in April. Not sure if they removed the buttons or we just missed them.
  14. There's a Fyre Festival joke in here somewhere. It has occurred to me that the island looks small to house a ship the size of the Seaside, so I'll be curious to read the reviews of it once it's open. But it's still more appealing to me than Nassau.
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