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  1. I can probably get through a chunk of an audiobook in that time, as long as the whole coach aren’t in a chorus of 8 million green bottles hanging on the wall 😂
  2. Are duty free prices and selection any good? We aren’t huge drinkers but if there is a decent offer on some nice cognac then my parents would likely appreciate a surprise gift.
  3. We are Bolton too. How long is the journey and what is it like? going next year so trying to decide if train or coach is best (train would be day before)
  4. I hoped I was worrying over nothing, my wife is much more relaxed about the female side of the dress code than I am. My main worry is a show being on and missing it because we hadn’t dressed for formal night
  5. I went to look in m and s as I thought they would be a safe bet, nothing, except odds and ends of jackets and completely different trousers.
  6. Sounds like I had the same interpretation as your husband
  7. Hi all, we have booked our first ever cruise on Iona, but the dress codes for men are somewhat ambiguous at best. We are going when it will be colder in Norway so anything to do with shorts and swimwear isn’t really relevant (they get barely any use at home) but the rest of it confuses me. Daytime isn’t so much of a problem, as long as hooded tops and trainers aren’t an issue. The evening is the big question, I know that ‘smart’ denim is ok and that’s all I own, and I have a collection of chequered shirts that would put most panel show comedians to shame. I believe this is fine? Does ‘novelty’ items mean stuff like tacky stag/hen party tops or are logos and branding of any type outlawed? Formal nights are the big question as I don’t own a suit…I am aware I will likely have to buy one (our travel agent said he swerves formal nights on p and o and it’s easy to do) but what realistically would I need? Normal dark suit that gets brought out for weddings? Full tuxedo/dinner suit? Trying not to stand out for the wrong reasons
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