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  1. Btw, the metro has opened so that should not be a problem.
  2. The city ticket is only valid in german cities, so you'll need to buy a ticket for the 25 or 27 bus. If you don't have a chip and pin card or no data plan so you could by it on the app then I suggest that you'll get some small amount of danish kroners from your local bank. But be sure to get some 100 kroner or 50 kroner notes because a single ticket costs 24 kroner and I don't think that the bus driver can give you money back on a 500 or 1000 kroner note.
  3. Yes there is 2 ticket machines at Oceankaj, I'm not sure if they take cash but if not the bus driver will. Rejsekortet only replaced the old Klippekort system (A card with 10 trips at a reduced price) So for instance if you are going from Oceankaj to a downtown hotel you can pay a 24 kroner single ticket (2 zone ticket) or if you had Rejsekortet you would only be charged 15 kroner + a 1,60 kroner surcharge if you use the metro. So to clarify, paper tickets still exist but they are a little bit more expensive that Rejsekortet. Tickets purchased on your mobile will be the same price as a paper ticket.
  4. They have a shuttle from Oceankaj to stop 5 at the Little Mermaid with a 30-60 minute frequency. I'll imagine that you can avoid the line of playing passengers if you have a ticket in hand.
  5. How else do you think it could work. You'll need internet to purchase a ticket, nothing else is not possible. The reason why you can't get on a text message without a Danish number is probably because its to difficult to collect the money if it's a foreign mobile provider. But old trustworthy cash or a ticket from the 2 ticket machines at Oceankaj is after all still possible.
  6. First one, mobile ticket will have to be on a danish mobile number. The other alternative is to use the app, but then you´ll need wifi.
  7. There is a ticket machine at Oceankaj, but you probably need a chip and pin card but there is a atm at the kiosk near the bus stop. But it is possible to buy a ticket on a text message but then you probably need a danish telephone number as well. But I will follow up on that one as well.
  8. That will most likely only be in Germany but If you can wait I will ask the people at the local transport authority.
  9. Sadly the train ferry is discontinued but you will cross the Storebælt and Lillebælt bridges instead and its a beautiful ride. Go to bahn.de and choose the english option.
  10. There is no tourist tax, so don’t worry about that one. Taxies are all over the place and if not, just get the reception to call one for you.
  11. Easyjet also has a departure later in the day. But may I suggest something else that will give you credit with Gretha Thunberg 🙂 11:26 is there is a direct train to Hamburg, with a change of train there you will be in Berlin by dinner time. Right now Deutche Bahn has tickets on that route for 36 euro.
  12. You don't have to worry about getting to the airport. You probably want to be at the airport by 10. There will be taxies available but there can be lines to get one. But else bus 25 and 27 will get you either to a metro or train station. Even with the metro opening this spring I would still assume that bus to Østerport and then airport train from there will be the most comfy way. Bus to Orientkaj Metro station would probably the quicker but you will then need to change from M4 to M2 at Kongens Nytorv station.
  13. If you want to take the bus you need cash to pay for your ticket. But don't pay with a huge 1000 kroner note 🙂 But where do your ship dock.
  14. For Denmark i would say that around 15 degress celcius is very morbal for late April early May. Its around that time that the trees are green again and you can feel the warm of the Sun. But compared to Arizona its probably very Cold 🙂
  15. I will just add that in Copenhagen most public toilets along Strøget and Nyhavn are free. Another poster noted that outside Copenhagen its difficult to use a credit card, I don't know where they went but its not the case. However if you don't have a chip and pin card (or atleast a pin card) it can get difficult. And as others have posted, avoid the atms that are not from a bank because they are expensive. Just look for Nordea, Danske Bank, Arbejdernes Landsbank, Spar Nord etc etc.
  16. My birthday is on the 5th of May and last year we grilled outside at my big Brothers house. 🙂 It was getting way to cold by the evening but during the day it was fine.
  17. It sucks 🙂 Btw if your visit is in June or early July you could just buy a ticket for the european football championships and no I won't call it soccer 🙂 A ticket will grant you a visa. 13th of June its Russia - Belgium 17th of June its Russia - Finland 22th of June its Finland - Belgium 3rd of July they will host a quarterfinal. The Kretovsky stadium can host 68.000 so perhaps its possible to get some tickets. For tickets you go to UEFA.com.
  18. You can get a free e visa if you are from one of these countries. https://pulkovoairport.ru/en/passengers/evisa/
  19. It is correct but I had to do some research because it isn't added on the map with the original 6 giants. But he is there and he is called Green George.
  20. Both Stromma and Netto Bådene departs from Nyhavn. So just take the metro from Ørestad Station and get off at Kongens Nytorv from where you can walk to Nyhavn.
  21. The hotel is located 10-15 minutes on foot from the central station or 1 stop with the 7A bus (direction Ny Ellebjerg). The walking distance is just under 1 kilometer, but its a long walk with luggage. So it is doable with public transport, its just the last bit that is a little hurdle. For transport from the pier you can just copy paste my post from above 🙂 To the airport you can catch a train every 10th minute from the central station.
  22. Best option for as I see it is either. Shuttle bus to Orientkaj Metro Station where you take M4 to the final stop at København H (central station) From here its a short walk to the hotel. But timetable hasn't been made yet. Alternatively you just get on the 27 bus all the way to Østerport and catch a train to København H from there.
  23. Now its official, M4 will open on the 28th of March. I will still look for information about what it will mean for the cruise shuttles. https://m.dk/nyheder/nordhavn-kobles-på-metronettet-den-28-marts/
  24. And now I'm reading that the station square might not be done when it opens so I don't know how easy Orientkaj station will be to navigate with luggage. But I'll promise that I will be on site when the line opens to figure it out 🙂 The latest I have heard is that it will open around the 1st of April, hopefully its not an Aprils fool.
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