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  1. Line 1 to Frognersetteren will drop you off at Holmenkollens very own metro station. I have done this trip before and its very easy and the views over Oslo and the Fjord is very scenic.
  2. I will assume that both bus 25 and 27 will stop at the Orientkaj Metro station. If that's not the case then just take it from Østerport instead. But I will keep you guys updated on the situation in the Wonderful Copenhagen thread.
  3. Yes, Absalon is located 1 or 2 blocks away from the central station. Just take any train from track 2 at the airport station (not the metro) and get off at the central station.
  4. But I'm a nerdy guy that likes to go into details 🙂 And sometimes when english is not your Mother tongue then something can get lost in translation. Note to myself keep it simple 🙂
  5. Lol 🙂 what did you expect of a thing called The Little Mermaid,
  6. If you can handle it yourself it should not be a problem.
  7. Yes public transportation 🙂 You will find that the taxi is the cheapest option if the car is only way you want to go. But public transportation is a perfectly liable transport form a d with the new M4 line that opens in a few months time it will be even easier. But else the public busses connects to Østerport that has a direct train to the airport every 10th minute. Or if you are on the 25 bus you can continue to Nørreport where you can take the same train or take metro line M2 that goes every 3-5th minute or so. Cost for a ticket to the airport is 36 kroner and there is a ticket machine at the bus stop at Oceankaj if you don't have Danish Cash on you.
  8. Aaaand it wasn't that official anyway. Currently the count down clock says February 2021 🙂 Btw the Circle Line is closed for 2 weeks at the moment because they are testing the new M4 line that runs together with M3 for the most of the journey. So I'm guessing they will announce a opening date shortly after the 2 weeks test period.
  9. Its official. Metro line M4 will open on the 28th of March. Still nothing about the cruise shuttles etc but I will keep you guys informed. https://m.dk/rejser/m4-nordhavn/
  10. Both the metro and the Øresund train (aka airport train) has low floor access if you have trouble by getting them onto a normal train. If your hotel is located closer to a train station you just have to look for a train heading for Helsingør. Because the Nivå train and the intercity trains are the IR4/IC3 trains and they don't have the low floor carriage. Maybe some Nivå trains has the Øresund train in service but many times I have spotted a IR4 train. The trains to Helsingør is always a Øresunds train (called Litra ET by proffesionals) because they cross the Øresund bridge to and from Sweden. But if you use the journeyplanner.dk website or app it will tell if the train has a low floor or not. It allows you to type hotel name if you haven't got the addresse. For the airport you just type cph.
  11. I just bumb this thread up to the top. After I created the 2020 thread there has been 4-5 separate topics created about Copenhagen and that is kind of silly when we have a masterthread (is that the word) just right here. Its not that I have monopoly on answering Copenhagen related questions but I can't answer all questions if I have to look for them in other threads.
  12. May i suggest my own Wonderful Copenhagen thread 🙂
  13. With the new metro line I'm guessing shuttle bus to Orientkaj and M4 to København H (central station) would be the quickest. But lets see what the possibilities are when they annonce the opening of the line.
  14. There has been talks about castle and palaces in some other threads. CNN has this article about most of them. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/denmark-beautiful-castles/index.html
  15. So the new 2020 thread has been started. I will not reply to anymore posts in this thread. See you on the other thread 🙂
  16. Here is the most useful information for the 2019 season. Pier Information For pier location use this page, its updated closer to arrival with exact pier number and terminal. http://www.cmport.com/ships-in-port/cruise-ships/season-current C177 Nordre Toldbod https://goo.gl/maps/AoV7G8HbFj32 C190-199 Langeliniekaj https://goo.gl/maps/XgJyRRmopbB2 C331-333 Oceankaj https://goo.gl/maps/3EnfQ4Za7bN2 Transport to the piers Nordre Toldbod is better reached by Taxi but bus 1A stops at Esplanaden (Grønningen) when travelling from downtown and when going to downtown its the bus stop called Esplanaden (Store Kongensgade) Langeliniekaj is served by bus 26 from the Indiakaj bus stop at the bottom of the pier Oceankaj is served by both bus 25 and 27 stopping at the Oceankaj bus stop next to Terminal 1, they are both running from Østerport station (25 also from Nørreport) look at www.journeyplanner.dk for schedules. Single ticket (2 zones) to the downtown area is 24 kroner, Single ticket to the airport (3 zones) is 36 Kroner. Or if you want a citypass ticket you can order it on your phone and have it ready when leaving the ship. Citypass is available in a small version covering Copenhagen and the airport and a large one that covers the entire capital region(so both Kronborg, Frederiksborg, viking ship museum etc) https://dinoffentligetransport.dk/citypass Taxi companies Dantaxi https://dantaxi4x48.dk/english/ Price calculator https://dantaxi4x48.dk/hvad-koster-en-taxa/ 4x47 https://4x27.dk/english-taxi Private car http://cphlimo.com/en/home Book your own bus if you are a big group. https://www.bookingabus.com/en And at last, a useful link if you don´t want to handle your luggage to and from the airport you can let these guys do it. Its very useful if you have a late flight out of Copenhagen and wants to do some sightseeing before heading home. https://www.valizo.com/ A big disclaimer Metro line M4 opens in the spring, I´ll expect that it will cause changes to the busses out at Orientkaj, But I will post when anything is announced.
  17. Yes or outdated info, in that case I have to start all over again.
  18. It was also late at night here so I have overlooked some autocorrect errors, I hope my reply made sense anyway. Btw I hate that its not possible to Edit your post. For example it could be nice to have the possibility to update the first post in this thread.
  19. No no 2020 hasn't started yet but should really get it started. Perhaps you are looking for C177, that is Nordre Toldbod. Its just north of Royal Pavillion, on the current Google map there is some kind of naval ship (frigate/destroyer etc) docked at the cruise pier. The only hotels in close walking distance would be the Adina apartments hotel or the Stay Kastellet (also a apartment hotel) Since your last stay there has been a few other hotels opening in a (in my opinion) better location. Villa Copenhagen opens this summer and is currently only a few 100 DKK more expensive than CPH Hotel as DGI Byens hotel is now rebranded. Other hotels that are cheaper is Citizen M, Scandic Palace and The Square on the town hall square. Scandic Webers and Scandic Copenhagen are also good and so is Imperial. For these price i searched on a rendom date in august (Friday to Saturday) It should also be noted that CPH hotel is ungoing a huge renovation, currently the Foyer is closed but should open this spring. I don't know how it longs for August.
  20. I have when i went on many school trips some 20-25 years ago 🙂 But I only remember is as interesting, but if it's the same today its good to say. It gets 4,4 out of 5 on Google so that a good indicator that its still good.
  21. Wooow, what what a disrepectful post. Why even bother travelling.
  22. I will just add myself to the list of people that suggest a day trip on your own to Frederiksborg Palace and Kronborg Castle. And I I will suggest that you start with Frederiksborg Palace because the trains back to Copenhagen from Helsingør and Kronborg will be more comfy and that is nice after a long day.
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