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  1. Scandic Sluseholmen, Scandic Webers and Scandic Kødbyen is newer than Scandic Copenhagen, Scandic Palace is the oldest one but and 3 more is on the way.
  2. In Denmark you are only allowed to fly them 150 meters away from populated areas and not near airports.
  3. Yes because the days are shorter than in June/July with about 3 hours and the suns position to the earth is lower than around midsummer. So even though we hit a little heatwave going on atm the night will still Feel cooler and the nights in the next weeks forecast are around 17-18 degrees most night with day temperatures at around 23.
  4. In general I would say that its not needed but you could visit in a odd year. 🙂
  5. No return ticket, you pay for a one way ticket that is valid for 1 hour. Ticket machines are available at Oceankaj. Yes you take bus 25 to Nørreport and then take the metro 1 stop to Kongens Nytorv. The trains are heading for Lufthavnen or Vestamager. And most stores will be open.
  6. Yes there is a Hoho shuttle from Oceankaj to The Little Mermaid from where you change to the ordinary Hoho bus.
  7. There is nothing called Princess Dock in Copenhagen. If you mean where the Princess cruise ships are docking then it would mostly be Oceankaj. I seem to recall that they run a shuttle between Oceankaj and the Little Mermaid from where you get on the regular lines.
  8. Yes you take the metro into Kongens Nytorv. If you try to type in Peder Skrams Gade 24 on Google maps you can then see the location of the hotel compared to the metro station.
  9. 3 hours is for any flights outside the Schengen area. So even though a flight to Paris is international its still within the Schengen zone, so the recommended arrival at the airport is 2 hours before and not 3.
  10. Windstar Cruises has a Baltic and Scandinavia spectacular from Stockholm to Copenhagen with 2 days in Sankt Petersburg. I'm guessing they also do it reverse.
  11. So the old Radisson Falkoner has reopened after 2 years of renovation and rebuild and is now opened as the Scandic Falkoner. Yes its not located in central Copenhagen, but Frederiksberg is also a nice neighbourhood. The hotel (like the other Scandic hotels) is offering free breakfast so that's a nice thing in a city that is more expensive than others. 🙂 The hotel is located next door to Frederiksberg metro station so you have a direct access to the airport and when the City Circle Line opens in 1,5 month you can get around the entire city without any problems. The next few hotel openings are the Zleep Hotel Copenhagen Arena and Cabinn Kalvebod Brygge and the expanded Wakeup Hotel Borgergade that all should open next year. But its not only discount hotels that are opening next year. Copenhagen Villa, the city's next 5 star hotel opens in the old mail headquaters (beautiful building) next year. Another 5 star hotel is on the way, Hilton opens in 2021. Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport also opens next year but it will first be in september so that's after the cruise season. Scandic Nørreport will also open next year but I don't have a opening date on that one yet. 2021 will also be a busy year with Scandic CPH Strandpark and Scandic Spectrum opening and so will Comwell Copenhagen Portside (close to the cruise pier)
  12. It has changed, they don't accept euro's anymore.
  13. There is not a terminal at Langelinie so I don't really know. But there is a shopping arcade perhaps they got one or else Google tells ne that there is one at nearby Indiakaj 1. But type atm and langeliniekaj on Google maps and it will show.
  14. I have never used one of them so I can't tell. But I know that Stromma gets very bad reviews. But I don't know what people expect of them, its just to get around and see the sights I think it will work fine.
  15. At the M1/M2 platform (the metro from the airport) at Kongens Nytorv the elevators are situated at the other end of the platform than the stairs. How they are located on the M3/M4 platform that is still a good question. I could probably find a drawing of the layout, but since the line opens after the cruise season I won't bother finding it.
  16. Are we talking this year or next. The new metro will change something. It has not been announced yet but I think the 25 cruise shuttle will just run between Orientkaj Metro station and Oceankaj. 27 will probably still take the trip to Østerport.
  17. Yes of course the bus will be at the port, I'm not trying to fool you 🙂 I have posted pictures in this thread on how to buy tickets etc. There is also a 6:08 and 6:37 departure, its better if you can get them. But as Hallasm says, a taxi will probably be quicker. Unless they have changed the rules then its not possible to prebook a taxi from Oceankaj, but that early it shouldn't be a problem to get a taxi but it is nice to have the bus as a backup plan.
  18. If it's Easyjet you are flying with (EZAair is a local airline from Curacao) Just remember that they use both Tegel and Schönefeld just so you are sure which airport you land at if a bus should pick you up.
  19. Both Copenhagen Oslo and I assume the first one is Aarhus is all easy to DIY
  20. Btw I'm guessing Air France to Paris 🙂 If that's the case you will also need to walk from the train station at Terminal 3 and down to Terminal 2, it Adds a 10 minute walk to your schedule.
  21. Indeed very crazy. 🙂 I would probably rule out public transportation straight away. The 7:07 bus will get you to the airport at 7:49, that should be okay if you can make it out to that time and the bus and train runs problem free. You have 9 minutes to get to the platform at Østerport for the 7:27 train towards Hässleholm, it should take 4 minutes from the bus stop to the train. The 7:23 bus will get you to the airport at 8:09, here you got 13 minutes to kill at Østerport before catching the 7:47 train towards Helsingborg. I will not even tell you about the later departures because the last one is risky if something happens during the trip. Where is you flight heading, if it's to a european country that is not the United Kingdom or Ireland then it could save you some time because you will skip the passport control. But it can take some time to check in your luggage and 10-20 minutes to walk to the security check and clear it
  22. You are cutting at little bit close with public transportation so your best bet is probably a taxi. Bus 26 departs at 09:04 and arrives at 09:25. that leaves you with 5 minutes to find your group. I don´t know if you can make the 08:44 departure, that leaves you with plenty of time at Rådhuspladsen. Or else it takes 10-25 minutes to walk to Østerport station from where you can take any southbound S-train to Vesterport and walk to Rådhuspladsen from there. That should take around 30 minute if you include the walking in both ends.
  23. Sorry no metro unless you arrive after the 28th of September. But do you have a date and ship else I can´t help you 🙂
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