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    Fantasy Class Category 12 Penthouse Suites/Balconies

    I was asked to post my photos and review here of a suite on the Ecstasy, so here is the review first: There are only 18 of them, I believe, all on the U deck. The room was the best part of the cruise. I was very pleasantly surprised! It looks better than the Penthouse pictures on the NCL Sun I have booked for next month. The room is very spacious and has tons of storage. The bed is dreamy comfortable and the duvet cover is fantastic! There are mirrors galore in the suite, which expands the feel of the room. On the wall behind the center of the bed, there are light controls for every light in the cabin. The lighting is excellent - some on control switches to adjust the amount of light. All are inset into the ceiling or wrapped around the mirrors. The bed is bigger than my king size at home. The sofa looks 70's and is plastic covered, but it sits o.k. We never used its pull out bed feature. There is a drape you can pull between the bed and the sofa. There is a full wall of windows to a large balcony with 2 metal chairs. Not the most confortable, but o.k. There is a walk-in closet with hanging space, drawers, shelves and a safe for valuables. There are tons of drawers in the cabin as well, so you won't have problems with storage. The TV is a flat screen with great color and sound. It gets the network channels (from a Denver station), CNN, Discovery, Cartoon Channel, a kids movie channel and two other movie channels. There is a refrigerator as well. The bathroom has a granite vanity and the tub/shower is comfortable and is jetted for a whirlpool bath. I can't say enough about this cabin. We didn't enjoy the rest of the ship much, but we loved the cabin. Order room service...it does not cost anything (except a tip) and stay out on the balcony!