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  1. park rangers come aboard every ship that cruises glacier bay
  2. there's one set of elevators that do go down to the main level of the dining room. we used it for my father-in-law.
  3. the tour vendors will know the ship's schedule better then the ship does LOL. they deal with it every day. in Cozumel it's easy, just walk off, down the dock to the street. there's a taxi stand right there. even if there is a line, it doesn't take long to get a taxi.
  4. the 2 hour reference isn't for the ports. you will be allowed off the ship as soon as it clears and the gangway is down. for returning, there will be a sign on the gangway with the times. usually 30 mins before departure. except for belize where the last tender is an hour before actual departure. (again, they will have signs at gangway and in the daily papers)
  5. allen marine do the excursions for all the ships. there are several private vendors that have been doing tours for years and years.
  6. we kept our personal stuff on a small table, under the shade. tiny ants were around, but as long as we kept food and stuff off the ground, they didn't bother us. we love NC, but it's not a "beach" like most of the islands are, it's more of a sand and the water has little or no wave action (normal for the gulf area). but the food and service were great and it was a day we remember when we need to chill out.
  7. we were there in mid-sept, a few years ago. rain every day but glacier bay cruising. temps as lows as high 30s. sleet and rain all day in juneau. heavy fog and rain in skagway, but that cleared up my mid-day. ketchican was a complete rain-out. wind/rain kept us from being able to walk around and enjoy too much. did hit some stores for a few bargains. even then most of the stores were out of large sizes. if you could find something the price was right. wore a lot of fleece and layers, had to keep the camera protected. non-slip soles were good. used water-proofing spray on some regular walking shoes, that kept our feet dry and warm. drank a lot of hot chocolate around the ship. good cruise, but we knew and were prepared for nasty weather.
  8. your best advice, for a port, would come from asking in the port of call section on CC. i would doubt if the PCC would even know about each port, that much. if you book through a TA, none of the PCCs can talk to you...your reservations are owned by the TA.
  9. that's what happened to us. we have a family cruise, to alaska...MIL decided she wanted to go. we had a month before the cruise and 4 rooms booked. our balcony, a inside with 2, a inside as a single and a oceanview with 2. we couldn't add her to any of these rooms. even the single (which would have been with her ex). the she was at capacity and MIL stayed home)
  10. if interested in history, lamanai and the river safari is the best. i second the poster who said it was one of the best excursions in years. it's long and all day, but you see the countryside, get a river tour and a wonderful tour around the ruins (which look like a Indiana Jones movie set, they look that good). plus you get the critters. howler monkey live at the lamanai site.
  11. when we did juneau, it was raining and cold (mid-sept cruise on the NCL star way back when). coming to dinner, many had just come back from their excursions. many were still in normal jeans, jackets, hiking shoes, etc. they were cold and hungry after a great day of sight seeing, no one was turned away.
  12. all the tour operators, out of belize, tell their ppl that. the tenders run constantly for the 1st hour. one fills up and another takes their place. the tenders hold about 150 ppl each. the 1st tender will be suite/VIPs and NCL tours..that was less then 1/2 of what the tenders hold. after we sat, they opened it up to ticket holders. some of the NCL tours use their own boat transportation and don't use the tenders. snorkelers, fishing and island break use the other ramp. if anyone, in your party, is in a suite? they can get tender tickets for the whole party, just ask the concierige.
  13. the morning, you get to belize, the buffet will be very busy. since it's a tender port, people get nervous about getting on the early tenders for their long excursions. there are 2 MDRs, if one is busy try the other. usually they are the busiest when they first open. otherwise the star has plenty of space for everyone, you shouldn't have any probems eating where you want/when you want.
  14. last cruise was a couple of years ago, but ...yes...we were asked how many in the party and they swiped out room card. one of the reason, i was told, was to track a complaint. if you said you had problem on a certain night, they can track the card and see who your server was, etc. don't know if that is true, but it sounded good then.
  15. if you like mayan ruins, check out lamanai and the river boat tour in belize. you can learn more, about each port, by going to the port of call section.
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