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  1. Silly question, but wondering if it'd be worth the time to try to find a hotel that has washer/dryer or a laundromat. My flight leaves pretty late in the day, leaving me plenty of time. We'll be coming back into Miami and flight is out of FLL. 😁
  2. Thanks everyone. Sounds like it'll be worth the extra money for less hassle :).
  3. We’re flying into FLL and then leave out of Miami. I am thinking about getting a hotel close the Tri rail station that’s less than a mile. Specifically one that has a shuttle and see if maybe they’d pick us up from there. Has anyone used this way of transporting ? Did you feel safe? Are there pedestrian roads accessible if we walked ? I had a hotel manager say that it’s cost around $30-40 from FLL to Miami, but I find that hard to believe. I would really appreciate any info and/or recommendations.
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