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  1. I don't have a lot of time to be online right now so not sure if anyone else already said this. But I was on a cruise in Nov and bought $500 in casino credit. You had to get like 50 inc. of $10. But I got $100 credit on my AMEX statement. When I was on the cruise, I expected that the $500 would be applied to my ship card to use for gambling. However, they just handed me $500 in cash to do with whatever I wanted. You could use that money to buy souveniers on shore, pay off some of your onboard account, or take it back home with you. I thought this was great.
  2. Thank you, you are the best for taking time to share :)
  3. I am so sorry for your loss Lynn. It's hard losing your mother. Please take care of yourself.
  4. I'd really like a copy of your map and notes for the 3 amigos tour, please. Thank you. satchfieldj@gmail.com
  5. I had a problem the other day trying to fill out the information for checking in. I was trying to put in my credit card number to be used while on the cruise and kept getting a message saying it was the wrong number or couldn't process my request at this time, it varied. I then read some of the comments on here about trying Explorer instead of Google Chrome. That;s when I realized what my problem was. On Chrome, when I'd start typing in the Credit Card info, it wanted to auto fill in the information. My computer doesn't do this on Explorer. The problem was that the prefill default was an
  6. Thanks for posting this as we booked a cruise quite a few months ago on the Veendam for November 2019 and then all I was reading was basically bad reviews. So its good to hear something positive. If you could, can you answer a few questions I have about this ship: 1. How was the entertainment 2. How was the tv stations and movies you could watch. We have an inside room, so that might make a difference. 3. Was there a place where you could get your breakfast at the lido and sit outside to eat it on this ship? 4. Was the pool crowded? We are going to the Caribbean so
  7. This is the kind of information I was looking for. So you can buy wine after you get through security and take that on board in your carry on luggage? That would be my best solution if Detroit Metro has a store that sells wine! Thanks for what you said about asking a duplicate question, too : )
  8. That's why I usually always get beer. Hard to screw that up or short change you. I am with some of the folks on here that agree the original poster could in fact have gotten weak drinks. I was wondering if maybe you show that you have bought the drink packages you might get shortchanged, with the bartenders knowing that you can always get more drinks (up to 15). Where as the people who are paying for individual drinks don't get shorted, because you aren't getting a deal on the drink price. Who knows, just a thought.
  9. Thanks for your suggestion. The reason for not making a stop is due to having a husband that would complain about that more than its worth! I think I may just pack a few small bottles of wine in my checked, I can switch it out into my carryon at the airport when we land. And just plan to buy drinks on board until we get to our second stop where there is a CVS in port for a larger bottle then. I know I'll be running the risk of having to drop that bottle off when boarding,maybe they will stop me, maybe they won't. I was just trying to see if anyone knew of a store within the FLL airport tha
  10. Hope this hasn't been asked and answered somewhere already, I've been looking and haven't seen it. But when leaving out of Port Everglades on a cruise after flying into FLL, what are the options for getting wine that can be brought on my cruise? I don't want to risk packing 2 bottles in my checked luggage before flying from home. Boxed wine isn't allowed. Taking a taxi from the airport to the port with a quick stop at a store isn't an option either. So, that leaves is there anyplace within the airport that sells wine that I can buy in FLL to bring on board or within walkin
  11. I suppose its not good either just after the full moon on the way to 3rd quarter moon? Also, on Holland America we'd be going to Laguna Grande of Fajardo. It says to wear a bathing suit under your clothes with a towel and insect repellant. We are going in November 2019. How bad are the insects and do you have to go into the water. I was under the impression this was all kayaking and really don't like being in water in the dark. DO you have to go in the water? How do you get back into a kayak from the water. We are in our 60s and I'm beginning to think I need to cancel this excursio
  12. Should I be concerned if the cruise I booked in November is going to places that do not match what is shown at cruisett.com? It shows us going to Cuba, and we aren't going there! Have you ever seen where this website isn't up to date this far in advance?
  13. This Cruise Critic website and its members are the best! I have a gold AMEX card that I do auto pay on, so I barely ever look at the bills. Thanks to some great people on this thread, I was able to go in using the link provided here, load this on my card, then go to HAL and buy $500 worth of casino credit for our cruise. I didn't even know offers like this existed, but thanks to you guys, I was able to get it. Like others have said I can take the cash and either deposit it directly into the slot machines I play, or keep some of it for souvenier shopping and I am saving $100! My name is
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