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  1. I don't have a lot of time to be online right now so not sure if anyone else already said this. But I was on a cruise in Nov and bought $500 in casino credit. You had to get like 50 inc. of $10. But I got $100 credit on my AMEX statement. When I was on the cruise, I expected that the $500 would be applied to my ship card to use for gambling. However, they just handed me $500 in cash to do with whatever I wanted. You could use that money to buy souveniers on shore, pay off some of your onboard account, or take it back home with you. I thought this was great.
  2. Thank you, you are the best for taking time to share :)
  3. I am so sorry for your loss Lynn. It's hard losing your mother. Please take care of yourself.
  4. I'd really like a copy of your map and notes for the 3 amigos tour, please. Thank you. satchfieldj@gmail.com
  5. I had a problem the other day trying to fill out the information for checking in. I was trying to put in my credit card number to be used while on the cruise and kept getting a message saying it was the wrong number or couldn't process my request at this time, it varied. I then read some of the comments on here about trying Explorer instead of Google Chrome. That;s when I realized what my problem was. On Chrome, when I'd start typing in the Credit Card info, it wanted to auto fill in the information. My computer doesn't do this on Explorer. The problem was that the prefill default was an
  6. Thanks for posting this as we booked a cruise quite a few months ago on the Veendam for November 2019 and then all I was reading was basically bad reviews. So its good to hear something positive. If you could, can you answer a few questions I have about this ship: 1. How was the entertainment 2. How was the tv stations and movies you could watch. We have an inside room, so that might make a difference. 3. Was there a place where you could get your breakfast at the lido and sit outside to eat it on this ship? 4. Was the pool crowded? We are going to the Caribbean so
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