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  1. I sailed on Carnival Pride a few years ago on a Baltimore to Bahamas (and Florida) cruise. I enjoyed it a lot. I have been on a lot of cruise lines but this is the only Carnival cruise I have been on and I found it about the same as the other main stream cruise lines. I fun atmosphere; good food (particularly in the specialty restaurants), entertainment was enjoyable. There were more kids/families on than some other cruises, but there was also a drag group on my cruise, so you never know what the passenger mix will be. I have not been on the Grandeur of the Seas, so I can't compare the two ships, but I enjoyed the Carnival Pride and am thinking of sailing the ship again because it is so convenient to where I live.
  2. flag fan

    New to Gay and Lesbian Cruise

    To add to my earlier post--a lesbian cruise company (a company that charters ships and markets to the lesbian community) is Olivia Lesbian Travel.
  3. flag fan

    New to Gay and Lesbian Cruise

    A gay cruise (or gay and lesbian cruise, I guess; I have not heard that term) probably is used to mean a cruise organized by one of the companies that charter an entire ship and markets to the LGBTQ community. There are two companies I am familiar with: RSVP Vacations and Atlantis Events. There are other companies that organize gay groups (Pied Piper is one) to sail on a regular cruise. They are not usually called gay cruises. There are also meetings of LGBTQ people organized by a lot of different cruise lines (sometimes referred to as "Friends of Dorothy" meetings). These are not gay cruises but just a get-together on a regular cruise. I am not sure which type of cruise you and your husband would enjoy most. Good luck.
  4. flag fan

    How to properly eat a scone?

    You may be right, but I find it hard to take seriously advice about scones from someone calling himself "dude." Advice on California cuisine, no problem.
  5. flag fan

    How to properly eat a scone?

    You convinced me.
  6. And Virgin Voyages -- wow; there really are a lot of luxury cruise lines out there.
  7. flag fan

    Wanting to Try MSC

    I have been on both Norwegian Cruise Line and MSC as a solo (twice on each line) and think they are comparable in terms of food and service. MSC does have a more international feel to it and I like the option of having a set dining table on MSC, an option not available on NCL. My preference between the two is a little towards MSC (I am booked on the Seaside for next year, I previously sailed on the Poesia and Divina) but have liked every cruise I have been on, including on both these lines.
  8. I noticed the same thing. I think it's partly due to Seaside being a new ship; partly because the other ships are in Europe and with a largely European clientele (rather than North American/English-speaking), and partly because for some reason all the boards have an inordinate number of posts about suites/upper category rooms rather than regular rooms (I am not sure why since the percentage of people in those cabins is so small).
  9. I think things will be fine on Holland America. I have only taken one trip on HAL and traveled solo (about your age) and it was fine. I traveled with traditional dining and met some great people. I loved the Eurodam and keep looking for a reason for another trip on HAL.
  10. flag fan

    Please Tell Me About MSC!

    I have been on a lot of different cruise lines (Carnival, Celebrity, Crystal, Cunard, etc.) and there are a few distinguishing things I noticed on the 2 MSC cruises I took (both Caribbean). First, a much more international crowd and a more cosmopolitan feel. I enjoyed the greater diversity. Second, shows were shorter and more non-verbal--song and dance and acrobatic. I liked them. Third, ships are the most beautiful I have been on. Incredibly stylish. Fourth, gelato was GREAT! Although I love ice cream, gelato is even better.
  11. flag fan

    Dining alone in Britannia Club

    I always sail solo and when first cruising I questioned whether it was rude to read while dining alone. (This is also a concern I had when dining at a land-based restaurant.) To avoid this problem (and to avoid the boredom of staring off into space), I used my dining time as an opportunity to write in a travel journal. It has worked out well. However, I have since gotten over the concern that reading at the table was somehow rude. In fact once in a nice restaurant in Las Vegas a while back, when I dined alone without any apparent reading material, the waiter/maitre 'd brought me a magazine to read, which I considered very thoughtful and a clear signal that even the best restaurants, reading was okay. As a solo, at least for dinner, I have enjoyed traditional dining with set tablemates for a cruise as this does allow me to mingle with fellow passengers, but my last couple of cruises I have dined alone and it has been fine, so I think either option (dining with others or alone) is fine. Enjoy your cruise.
  12. flag fan

    Soft Serve Ice Cream

    The gelato on the MSC Divina was incredible, but I must admit I have a soft-spot for soft serve ice cream (NOT frozen yogurt). Unlike gelato (or hard ice cream), you can't get soft serve at the supermarket, so I look forward to it when on vacation.
  13. Getting back to the original question--assuming you can't order from the specialty restaurants factoring out extra-cost to dine in the specialty restaurant, is it quality of the Yacht Club Restaurant such compared to Butcher's Cut and the Asian restaurant and the French restaurant that you would recommend skipping the specialty restaurants and just dining in the Yacht Club? I always like to try as many venues as I can but am not really sure if it would just be better to stick with the Yacht Club Restaurant on the Seaside.
  14. flag fan

    Chefs Table

    Thanks for the info; it sounds very nice.
  15. flag fan

    Chefs Table

    Could you be more specific? The only Chef Table I have done was on Royal Caribbean; it had 5 or so set courses with very upscale food and the chef explaining each course, with matching wine provided. Is the Butchers Cut Chef Table like this?